Friday, August 10, 2007

Is it the time to clip the wings?

I am writing this with a heavy heart. Having pen friends (and personal friends) on the left and on the right, I have come with time to one simple motto - my friend must be a mensch first. And last. Everything else is secondary. And this blog has consistently avoided fiery political rhetorics attacking this or other side, unless we are talking about absolute moral imperatives. It seems to me that looking for common ground is a better alternative.

But the last case, that of a learned professor* cursing a senior IDF officer, using words suitable for a souk brawl and expressing wishes more consistent with addressing an absolute evil the likes of which I can hardly imagine - this case just broke the seal.

Police opened on Wednesday a criminal investigation against Professor Hillel Weiss for his bombastic public statements against Judea Division commander Col. Yehuda Fuchs during Tuesday's evacuation of the Hebron marketplace.

Weiss cursed Fuchs, saying "may his wife be a widow, his mother bereaved, and his children orphans."
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