Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Complexities of Peace and Israeli Politics

"Distorting truth, telling lies, are all part of the plan to create revulsion and disdain for the Israelis. When victimized by suicide bombers, and after every attack resulting in the death of Israeli citizens, the government of Israel is told that is their fault and Israel must put a halt to the "cycle of violence" in the Arab-Palestinian conflict with Israel. That slanderous lie has been disproved time and again. There is no cycle of violence. Israel does not initiate terrorism. It never has. When Israel strikes back it does so to eliminate the cause of violence. When Israel offers more than anyone else ever has, to give up what 95% of Samaria and Judea for peace those offers are answered with more violence because the Arab-Palestinians never, ever wanted peace. They want Israel to cease to exist. That is the only thing that will ever satisfy their blood lust."
"The Muslims in the region who consider themselves "Palestinians" are part of the pan-Islamic nationhood and are not a minority and not the victim. Losing a war makes them losers but not victims. They have not been victimized by Jews. It is exactly the opposite. Jews were always the minority in Arab lands and were victimized as were all other minorities who lived there. Muslims often play the minority card but it does not wash. They are and have been part of a larger and more broader, greater-Islamic nationhood who turned this perception of being victimized and the minority, to their advantage as a propaganda ploy to win sympathy. It has worked. Many on the Left are aligned with Arab/Palestinian liberation."
Thomas Braun, Lima, Peru

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