Sunday, May 6, 2007

Terrorist danger in Britian and Islamophobia

If someone writes Britain: On the Brink of A Terrorist War then they must be a "Zionist" Islamophobe, right? Isn't that what you learned from reading The Guardian or Counterpunch or even the Washington Post? If they say so it must be true.
OK. so who wrote this?  
Britain teems with nests of serpents and scorpions of extremism who come from around the world: Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, Syria, Pakistan and other countries due to its flexible systems and the adoption of a policy to receive outcasts during the aftermath of World War II and the Soviet-Western conflict during which doors were opened to persecuted refugees who sought their rights....
I think they must do what other Muslim and non-Muslim countries have done before them—accept fighting extremists by cutting off the oxygen that sustains extremist groups: their newspapers, radio stations, televisions, forums, mosques and websites. Through publicity, they can raise funds, recruit volunteers and secure popular support within foreign communities. The question is: how can the codified British system allow that? The answer lies with the hesitant legislators who are practically on the brink of a terrorist war today. After all, pursuing extremist Muslims today is better than pursuing all Muslims tomorrow.
It must've been a neocon Zionist reactionary Islamophobe, right? Someone with a "Zionist" name like Goldstein or Perle perhaps. Or maybe it was a Christian zealot?
No, It was Abdul Rahman Al-Rashed, who is general manager of Al Arabiya television.
This is the straight stuff. Blessings to you brother Al-Rashed. Salam Aleikum warahmatulahi.
Ami Isseroff

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