Friday, May 11, 2007

Hamas Backs Mickey Militant - Terrorist Rodent to stay on the air

Those who were disappointed that our favorite entertainment character would no longer be teaching kids to blow themselves up, as reported recently (see Hamas TV drops militant Mickey Mouse , can relax.
Mickey Militant, like Mickey Mouse, is indomitable. With the backing of the "democratically elected" Hamas government, Mickey Militant will go on teaching tots genocide and terror, according to an AFP story:
GAZA CITY (AFP) - A Hamas-run television station defied Israel and the Palestinian government on Thursday by refusing to axe a controversial children's cartoon in which a Mickey Mouse lookalike calls for resistance.

"Al-Aqsa TV refuses this pressure and refuses to cull its programme or alter any of its content," said Fathi Hamad, chairman of the Al-Aqsa Television board in Gaza City, lashing out at Israeli and Western "interference".

"This campaign of criticism is part of a plan orchestrated by the West and the occupying power to attack Islam on the one hand and the Palestinian cause on the other," he said.

"We have our own ways to educate our children and any criticism of this approach is shocking interference in our internal affairs," said Hamad.
From his point of view, he is right. It is a democracy. The Palestinians voted for the genocidal Hamas, and they want Mickey Militant to teach their kids how to blow themselves up. As Mickey tells the kids:
""You and I are laying the foundation for a world led by Islamists,""
And so are you, if you support the Hamas government.
Who's the little rodent, who's gonna blow up you and me?
Mickey Militant , Mickey Militant ,
Forever may we hold your banners high high, Hi, Hi!
M*I*C - See you in Hell, Zionist Dog
K*E*Y - Why? 'Cause we hate you.
Ami Isseroff

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