Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Fort Dix Islamist attack on Infidels: Shame on Washington Post for using the "T" word

Fighters who wanted to attack Fort Dix, occupied by the USA imperialist colonialist infidels, are mistakenly characterized as "Terrorists" in this Washington Post story:

CHERRY HILL, N.J., May 8 -- A group of would-be terrorists, allegedly undone after attempting to have jihad training videos copied onto a DVD, has been charged with conspiring to attack Fort Dix and kill soldiers there with assault rifles and grenades, authorities said Tuesday. 
This slander by the Washington Post is repeated:
Five men -- all foreign-born and described as "radical Islamists" by federal authorities -- allegedly trained at a shooting range in Pennsylvania's Pocono Mountains to kill "as many soldiers as possible" at the historic Army base 25 miles east of Philadelphia. A sixth man was charged with helping them obtain illegal weapons.

FBI and Justice Department officials said the arrests were the result of a 16-month operation to infiltrate and monitor the group. It was portrayed as a leaderless, homegrown cell of immigrants from Jordan, Turkey and the former Yugoslavia who came together because of a shared infatuation with Internet images of jihad, or holy war.
Authorities said the group has no apparent connection to al-Qaeda or other international terrorist organizations aside from ideology, but appears to be an example of the kind of self-directed sympathizers widely predicted -- and feared -- by counterterrorism specialists. The defendants allegedly passed around and copied images of al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden and the martyrdom videos of two of the Sept. 11, 2001, hijackers.
I am shocked. How could they be terrorists, if they were attacking an army and not civilians? Why are they more "terrorist" than the Hezbollah, which Washington Post calls "militants"? Don't we have to seek the underlying causes of their act in the fundamental injustice of Western imperialism, and the occupation of Fort Dix and other parts of Dar al Islam, which causes such hardship to the freedom fighters?  
CAIR is no doubt preparing an effective  protest against this slander on Islam. "If you don't stop calling us terrorists, we'll blow you to kingdom come."
Ami Isseroff

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