Thursday, August 14, 2008

The People of Israel; Friends or Enemies?

Main Source: Articles and reports from Khorasan Newspaper, August 13, 2008   Page: 16 

The People of Israel; Friends or Enemies?

By: Reza Arad


Isfanyar Rahim Moshaee, the President Assistant and the Head of Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization of Iran called the people of Israel friends of  Iranians in July 29,2008. His words had many reflections thereafter and made many fundamentalists angry.


He repeated his previous view in August 10 again:" I announce for the 1000th time and louder than before that we are friends with all peoples of the world including the people of Israel."


The State Public Prosecutor, Gorban Ali Dorri Najaf Abadi, said at a meeting with the members of Amal Movement in Tehran: "The nation of Iran recognizes neither Israel nor the people of Israel as a nation."


He added:" According to Imam Khomeini's views, there is no difference between the people of Israel, their protectors and the Israel government. The nation of Iran has always been the supporter of Palestinians for 30 years and they will be in the future. Undoubtedly, all Zionists` partners and protectors should be made to answer to God and history."


Hasan Ghashghavi, the speaker man of Foreign Affairs Ministry confirmed this viewpoint in his lecture yesterday. (August 12)


Dr. Ali Larijani, the Head of Islamic Council Majles( Parliament) denounced Moshaee`s viewpoints and utterances violently. He believes his words caused anti-Iranian intellectuals to satirize Iran in recent days.


Mohammadi Iraqui, the member of High Council of Cultural Revolution said in an interview with Fars: " Many Islamic countries asked for an explanation of Moshaee`s expressions. He should apologize to the nation of Palestine and all Muslims of the world; especially the people of Iran for his words. Otherwise, he himself must be responsible for any reactions."


Javad Aryan Manesh, the head deputy of Cultural Commission of Majles (Parliament) told the Khorasan reporter: " Moshaee has been summoned to this commission today (August 13) to explain his recent words about the friendship of Iranians and the people of Israel."


Mehr Press reports:" A five member corps of deputies will have a meeting with the President regarding Moshaee's repeated lectures about the US and Israel."


It doesn't seem as though the Iranian governors tolerate any relationship between two nations. In fact, they cannot tolerate Judaism in any form and place. We should not forget that the deputies of the Majles (Parliament) in the first years after the Islamic Revolution didn't shake hands with the Jewish deputy because they thought he was ritually unclean! 

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