Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Liar of the Year: to Be or Not to Be a Ph.D.


The Liar of the Year: to Be or Not to Be a Ph.D.


By: Reza Arad


translated from articles in and other sources.


Ali Kordan was elected as the new Minister of State by the Iranian Parliament after long discussions last week. The main reason for these discussions which have continued for so long is suspicion about his doctorial degree from Oxford University.


One of his main opponents, Dr. Ahmad Tavakkoli, the president of "The Center of Parliamentary Research" told the reporters: "He does not have a B.A degree and if he was paid based on the doctorial degree previously, it had not been  lawful. It is possible that his degree would not be valid."


He added:" We will continue to investigate the validity of his degree even if it isn't valid. It is possible that it is valid but the issuer isn't valid. It is also possible that the issuer would not exist!"


"Due to his claim, we investigated the professor who signed his doctorial degree at Oxford University web site, but could find nothing" He said.


What if he is a liar? Dr. Tavakkoli answers:" We do not have laws so that the Parliament can revoke the votes, but we should clear major facts such as these. He does not have even the B.A. degree in his C.V. and claims that he is graduated from Islamic Open (Azad) University of Iran with M.A. degree without passing the course of B.A. degree. We haven't inquired about it this university yet."


Also the President Ahmadi Nejad in the welcome ceremony for this new minister said: "Does serving require that a person have these pieces of paper ? There are so many prominent people who have the highest degrees of honor so that they do not need these pieces of paper in this country."


ISNA Press reported that copies of his false degree weredistributed among reporters. In any case, the investigation continues…     



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