Saturday, February 9, 2008

1-2-3 BOOM

The attack in Dimona, Israel, claimed three dead. Two suicide bombers and one old lady so badly disfigured that her sons could only assume that it was she after discovering that their father had been seriously injured and their mother was nowhere else to be found. Over thirty people were injured. And then the celebrations began.

These two terrorists were celebrated around the world. Their identities are known and were broadcast on TV and radio. I will not identity them by name, they are not deserving of recognition. They should not be googled, their photos should not be displayed. But the youth of Gaza would disagree with me.

Across Gaza young people handed out flowers and candy. Young men and women stood at intersections and stopped cars giving sweet and fragrant gifts in honor of the two murderers. There was shared laughter. There was a feeling of national pride.

Until we understand a culture that celebrates brutal killing, a culture that calls terrorists soldiers, a culture that transforms murderers and elevates them to the status of national heroes, we will never succeed in the fight against terror.
Complete article: 1-2-3 BOOM

Friday, February 8, 2008

Turkish Website: Every Muslim must kill an Infidel

"An infidel away keeps the Great Satan away." Are we really sure Turkey should be admitted to the EU?

"Hey America, We Have An Account To Settle With You!"

"If you want Allah to grant you victory, every one of you must kill an infidel!"

"The virtueous Sheikh Khaled er-Rashid - May Allah Save Him From Captivity"

English: MEMRI

Source: Turkish Islamist website

Psychological warfare: PRC: Residents of southern Israel should evacuate

Obviously, the intent is to place the Olmert government in an impossible situation. No government can allow its people to be chased off the land, and no government can issue threats like that, creating an asymmetry. A terrorist group is "allowed" to do that. What if Israel were to announce that residents of Gaza should evacuate "for their safety and the safety of their children?"
The time when Israel will have almost no choice other than to annihilate the Hamas regime in Gaza is fast approaching. Everything the Hamas does points to that, as though they, not just their suicide bombers, have a death wish.
But no operation should be undertaken unless it is reasonably certain of achieving total success. As the Second Lebanon War demonstrated, anything less than total success will be labeled a failure and will strengthen the other side.
I have discussed that issue at length: Israel and Hamas: Half a loaf may be poisonous
And Fresno Zionism discusses the same problems here: The coming war with Hamas 
Ami Isseroff

PRC: Residents of southern Israel should evacuate

Published:  02.08.08, 11:29 / Israel News 
A senior Popular Resistance Committees official, Abu Abir, claimed responsibility for the rocket barrages against southern Israel earlier in the day on behalf of his organization. Abu Abir told Ynet he urges the residents of Sderot and other southern communities to evacuate from their homes.
"What was up until now is nothing compared to what will be. We call on them to evacuate for their safety and the safety of their children," he said. (Ali Waked)

Thursday, February 7, 2008

PA Sees Dimona Terrorist Murderers as Holy Martyrs

PA Sees Dimona Terrorist Murderers as Holy Martyrs
by Hillel Fendel
1 Adar 5768, February 7, '08

( Newspapers of the Palestinian Authority, led by whom
the world perceives as a "moderate," Mahmoud Abbas, say the Dimona
murderers were "holy martyrs."

A 73-year-old new immigrant from the former Soviet Union, Lyubov
Razdolskaya, was murdered in the suicide attack this Monday, and her
husband was critically wounded and is still fighting for his life.
Over 20 others were also wounded.

The descriptions by the PA's official newspapers starkly contrast with
official statements by PA leaders that condemned the Dimona attack.
Abbas condemned the attack on Monday afternoon, hours after the
attack, but linked his opposition to the attack with his opposition to
IDF counter-terrorism actions.

However, Palestinian Media Watch reports on a number of quotes in
official PA organs showing that in actuality, the terrorists are
glorified in PA culture and government. The official news report in
Al-Hayat al-Jadeeda read, "The executors of the operation died as
martyrs... An Israeli was killed and 11 were wounded in the operation
in the Dimona commercial center."

The headline in Al-Ayam read, "Dimona: An Israeli Woman was Killed in
a Bomb Operation in the Commercial Center; the Two Perpetrators Died
as Martyrs." Similarly, Al-Quds ran the story as, "Two Martyrs and a
Killed Israeli Woman in a Bomb Operation in Dimona."

PMW notes that the term "martyr" places the terrorists on the highest
level in Islam - a far cry from the formal criticism expressed by
Abbas. A "martyr" is also looked upon as a hero and a model to
imitate, especially among the youth.

Just recently, after the murder of off-duty soldiers David Rubin and
Achikam Amichai as they were hiking near Telem in the Hevron region -
one terrorist was killed and another was wounded - Al-Hayat al-Jadeeda
reported in a headline, "A Youngster Became a Martyr, Another Was
Seriously Wounded, and two Israeli Soldiers were Killed Near Hevron"
(Dec. 29, 2007).

The paper also referred to the terrorists who were killed while trying
to carry out a massacre in Kfar Etzion two weeks ago as martyrs.

PMW concludes, "It is true that terrorists have always been called
martyrs, but the significance of the latest reports is that in the
midst of the renewal of a peace process, the terrorists continue to
receive the supreme badge of honor by the Palestinian Authority itself."

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Arab education 'falling behind'

No doubt this is the fault of the Zionists.
Arab education 'falling behind'
By Dale Gavlak
BBC News, Amman 
The World Bank has said the quality of education in the Arab World is falling behind other regions and needs urgent reform if it is to tackle unemployment.
In a report, Bank officials said Arab states had to make improving education their top priority, because it went hand-in-hand with economic development.
The region had not seen the increasing literacy and school enrolment witnessed in Asia and Latin America, they said.
Djibouti, Yemen, Iraq and Morocco were ranked the worst educational reformers.
'Youthful region'
In its report, the World Bank issued a stark warning about the need for better education in the Arab World.
It said that although education was becoming more accessible and the gender gap was being reduced, the region had not witnessed the positive changes seen in Asia and Latin America, particularly in literacy rates and enrolments in secondary schools and universities.
A senior World Bank official, Marwan Muasher, told the BBC that educational reform had to take top priority if the region's youth were to be better equipped in a fast-changing world and high unemployment combated.
"The time has come for countries to focus their energies on the quality of education and making sure that students are equipped with what they need for the labour market needs now - the ability to solve problems, critical thinking, innovation, and teacher retraining," he said.
The report said unemployment in the Arab world averaged 14%, which is higher than other areas in the world, except Sub-Saharan Africa, with the Palestinian territories coming highest with nearly 26% percent.
Mr Muasher said educational reform went hand in hand with economic development, especially given the region's extremely high youth population.
"It's a very youthful region - 60% of the region's population is under 30 years of age, close to 100m new jobs will need to be created over the next 10 to 15 years in the Arab World," he explained.
"If we are to create such jobs, then we have to start with education."
The report concluded that Jordan and Kuwait were the top educational reformers in the region, while Djibouti, Yemen, Iraq and Morocco ranked lowest in terms of access, efficiency and quality of education.
Another study carried out in January by the Tunis-based Arab League Educational Cultural and Scientific Organisation found that 75% percent of the 100m people in the Arab World were illiterate.

JS "intelligence" discovery: Unclear if Iran is developing nuclear weapons -

Do people really get paid for this sort of thing:
" it is unclear whether Tehran has returned to its production of nuclear weapons" - I could've told you that. The job of an intelligence chief is to make it clear.  
"We..assess with moderate-to-high confidence that Tehran at a minimum is keeping open the option to develop nuclear weapons," No kidding!
"We assess with high confidence that Iran has the scientific, technical and industrial capacity eventually to produce nuclear weapons". My dog knows that.
Ami Isseroff

 Last update - 22:15 05/02/2008       
In about turn, U.S. says Iran may be able to make nukes by 2009
The head of American intelligence said Tuesday that it is unclear whether Tehran has returned to its production of nuclear weapons in the past six months, and warned that Iran "would be technically capable of producing enough highly enriched uranium for a weapon" by the end of next year.
Speaking two months after an American intelligence report cast doubt on Tehran's nuclear ambitions, National Intelligence Director John Michael McConnell made his remarks during an appearance before the Senate Intelligence Committee to present an annual report on threats to the U.S.
A National Intelligence Estimate report released in December said that Iran halted its nuclear weapons development program in the fall of 2003.
"We remain concerned about Iran's intentions and assess with moderate-to-high confidence that Tehran at a minimum is keeping open the option to develop nuclear weapons," the report said.
"We assess with high confidence that Iran has the scientific, technical and industrial capacity eventually to produce nuclear weapons," it said, adding that the only realistic way to prevent Iran from producing such weapons was "an Iranian political decision to abandon a nuclear weapons objective."
McConnell expressed skepticism at the ability of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and his Fatah movement to deliver security for Israel and to overcome Hamas' efforts to stymie the political process.
He said that despite pressures on Hamas, "the group remains fairly unified, especially its military wing, and in charge in the Gaza Strip where itcontrols all PA facilities. Hamas continues to curtail freedoms and to harass Fatah members."
McConnell said however, that the U.S. recognizes signs of Fatah's progress in the West Bank, praising "renewed security and law enforcement cooperation with Israeli forces in taking more effective action against Hamas."
There was no mention in the report of the Israel Air Force attack on Syria in September 2007, which foreign news sources have speculated was a strike on a nuclear facility built with North Korean assistance. He said, however, that North Korea, which has sold ballistic missiles to Iran and other Middle Eastern countries, could "proliferate nuclear weapons abroad."
The intelligence chief also estimated that Iran and Syria will boost their support for Hezbollah, Hamas and other Palestinian terror organizations. He accused Syria and Hezbollah of interfering with the Lebanese presidential elections.
He warned that rising tensions in Lebanon could result in a fresh civil war, and the return to armed "militias" within the country.
"Many former militias in Lebanon are reconstituting, rearming, and retraining their fighters," he said. "The increased political and sectarian tension also raises the potential for civil war within the country."
In addition, McConnell raised the threat of Al-Qaida in Lebanon, maintaining it continues to threaten the country's internal security.

Morocco's forgotten Amazigh and the Jews

This is welcome news.
Second Berber-Jewish Friendship Association In Morocco
Amazigh (Berber) activists in the Rif region in northern Morocco are planning to announce the formation of a new Amazigh-Jewish friendship association next week, on February 14.
Opponents to the idea say it is a move for normalization with Israel.
Responding to critics, Amazigh Democratic Party president Ahmed Adghrini said that Morocco already has many contacts with Israel, but that some think that such contacts should be a government monopoly, adding, "We have broken through this blockade."
The association will be the second of its king; last year, a simlar body was formed in the Souss region in the south of the country.
Source:, February 5, 2008
Posted at: 2008-02-05

The real reason Islamism expert Coughlin was fired

Turns out Pentagon Islamism expert Coughlin was possibly not fired for anti-Islam views, despite what you may have read:
Also, Coughlin was let go in part because his contract was up, and at $440,000, it was too steep to justify renewing, the insider says. And though he had written a 329-page thesis on the subject, he was not effective at briefing the J-2 intelligence staff of the Joint Chiefs.
"He's brilliant, and he knows his stuff, but he couldn't teach it," the source said. "It went over everybody's head."
No wonder the value of the dollar is declining...
But that doesn't mean there are NOT Islamists in the Pentagon.
Ami Isseroff

Islamist 'Trojan horse' in Pentagon, say experts
FBI: Top defense advisers linked
to radical Muslim Brotherhood

Posted: February 1, 2008

© 2008
Federal authorities say a high-level Muslim Pentagon aide, who led a campaign to silence a Pentagon intelligence analyst for taking a hard line against Islam, is running an "influence operation" on behalf of U.S. Muslim groups fronting for the radical Muslim Brotherhood.

Hesham H. Islam (left), Muslim aide to the deputy secretary of defense, with Muslim military chaplain Abuhena M. Saifulislam (right)
Hesham H. Islam, a special assistant to deputy Defense secretary Gordon England, recently criticized Maj. Stephen Coughlin, one of the military's leading authorities on Islamic war doctrine, for making the connection between the religion of Islam and terrorism.
After Islam lodged complaints, Coughlin's contract with the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon was not renewed.
Islam also was upset with briefings Coughlin recently prepared for the U.S. military warning that major U.S. Muslim groups were fronting for the Muslim Brotherhood, a worldwide jihadist movement based in Egypt.
Islam, who was born and raised in Egypt, is heavily involved with one of the groups – the Islamic Society of North America, which U.S. prosecutors last year named as a member of the U.S. branch of the Muslim Brotherhood and an unindicted co-conspirator in a major terror-funding case.
Islam has persuaded his boss, England, to conduct various outreach with ISNA, including hosting the group's leaders in the Pentagon and speaking at its annual convention.
Speaking during ISNA's 2006 opening ceremonies, England proclaimed, "There is no contradiction between the peaceful religion of Islam and America's values and principles."
Coughlin reached the opposite conclusion in a 329-page report submitted to the National Defense Intelligence College, in which he warns that Islamic law sanctions violence. That finding, among others, has put him at odds with Islam, whom England describes as "my personal close confidante."
"I take his advice," England said, "and I listen to him all the time."
WND has learned that Islam is closely associated with a Muslim military chaplain trained at a radical Islamic school that federal agents raided after 9/11 in connection with terror-financing.
As WND reported, the chaplain, Abuhena M. Saifulislam, studied Islam at the Graduate School of Islamic and Social Sciences in Virginia.
Recently declassified FBI documents reveal its sister organization, an Islamist think tank known as the International Institute of Islamic Thought, or IIIT, is involved in a Muslim Brotherhood conspiracy to wage a cultural and political jihad to eventually take over America from within – most notably, through infiltration of government agencies.
Islam works closely with Saifulislam (Arabic for "sword of Islam") on Pentagon outreach projects involving Middle Eastern embassies and the so-called Wahhabi lobby in Washington.
"He's a Muslim brother," an FBI official said of Islam. "He's a bad actor. He's well-positioned to be where he is, and that doesn't do us any good."
He also said Saifulislam is "definitely Muslim Brotherhood," while noting that Islam "is a lot smoother than Saifulislam," who as a chaplain at Gitmo lobbied for special meals and other privileges for al-Qaida detainees.
The official hastened to add that, at this point, belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood is not criminal, and neither Defense Department employee is the subject of a formal counterterrorism or counterespionage investigation. Both men have refused interviews, and the Pentagon had no comment.
However, the FBI official warned that the Muslim aides are part of a conspiracy by Muslim Brotherhood fronts to run "influence operations" against the U.S. government.
"Their M.O. is to make nice for the very purpose of penetrating us," he said, "and we just roll over for them, at least at the top levels."
He says England, who also recently dedicated an Islamic prayer center at Quantico on the advice of Saifulislam, is blind to the threat.
"England doesn't know it's an influence operation that's been laid at his door," he said. "His lack of awareness is irresponsible."
A senior U.S. official who has met with England says he was not even aware that a convicted terrorist and al-Qaida fund-raiser created the Pentagon's Muslim chaplains corps.
Adurahman Alamoudi, a Muslim Brotherhood leader and founder of the American Muslim Council, placed Muslim chaplains throughout the military. He is now in jail on charges of terrorism. However, most of the chaplains he trained and sponsored are still in their current positions.
"The Islamic chaplains who serve were trained by a known terrorist," said terrorism expert Steve Emerson.
Emerson says Islam, like Alamoudi, has invited "subversive" elements into U.S. military headquarters.
"Hesham Islam is an Islamist with a pro-Muslim Brotherhood bent who has brought in groups to the Pentagon who have been unindicted co-conspirators," he said.
Emerson said a "Trojan horse" of subversives and potential spies have penetrated deep inside the Pentagon, and they are now bearing fruit with the ouster of Coughlin. Sources say Islam has high security clearance.
A former Pentagon colleague of Coughlin described Islam as a "gatekeeper," who at a minimum, is blocking candid discussion of the religious nature of the threat posed by Muslim terrorists. Such action, William Gawthrop says, thwarts the U.S. war effort, because it denies military brass and rank-and-file the information they need to effectively fight the Islamist enemy.
"We still do not have an in-depth understanding of the war-fighting doctrine laid down by (the Muslim prophet) Muhammad, how it might be applied today by an increasing number of Islamic groups, or how it might be countered," Gawthrop told WND.
He says Coughlin was trying to bridge that gap before being pushed out.
Supporters of the respected contractor say Islam had a direct hand in his firing. They say that on Jan. 3 Coughlin was told his contract, which ends in March, would not be renewed because his message had become too "politically hot."
They say that in a meeting late last year between Coughlin and a member of England's staff, which Islam unexpectedly attended, Islam asked Coughlin to "soften his message" regarding Islamic war doctrine. Coughlin refused.
Islam was heard referring to Coughlin as a "Christian zealot with a poison pen." The conflict resulted in his contract being terminated.
A well-placed Pentagon insider described it differently, however. Islam and Coughlin were present at the briefing, but there was no direct confrontation between the two. It was not until Hesham returned to England's office suite that he remarked that Coughlin had a "poison pen."
"He clearly doesn't like him," the source told WND.
Also, Coughlin was let go in part because his contract was up, and at $440,000, it was too steep to justify renewing, the insider says. And though he had written a 329-page thesis on the subject, he was not effective at briefing the J-2 intelligence staff of the Joint Chiefs.
"He's brilliant, and he knows his stuff, but he couldn't teach it," the source said. "It went over everybody's head."
Still, England has not properly vetted his long-time aide, Islam. "Gordon is so trusting of this guy because he's worked for him for so long," the same official said. "But he's got questionable contacts, and he (England) needs to have his antennae up."