Thursday, March 4, 2010

Europeans side with racist genocidal colonialist apartheid reactionary Turkish occupation of Kurdistan

Of course, if lives are lost, it will be regrettable. But the frustration and bitterness of the Kurds who are denied their rights under an apartheid racist occupation is understandable and justifiable. Will there perhaps be Kurdish suicide bombers? Will they hijack some aircraft? Kidnap a few civilians?
One would be quite disappointed  in any case if the EU does not  uphold the legitimate right of the Kurds  to resistance against the occupation, a right guaranteed to all peoples by a vote of the UN General Assembly and founded in international legitimacy.
Ami Isseroff

The EU provokes the Kurd into violence!

The EU provokes the Kurd into violence!

Kardo Bokani

While the Turkish government closing down the only pro-Kurdish party in the Turkish parliament which had 22 seats as well as 99 municipalities, few months later the Belgian Police raids the Kurdish National Congress based in Brussels and arresting the truth representatives of the Kurds in an inhuman degrading way which provoke anyone who has the feeling of honour. While the Turkish cops shooting Kurdish civilians in the peaceful demonstration, at the same time the Italian and French police forces raiding the Kurdish community centres ostensibly to fight the terrorists. While the Turkish military aircrafts flying over the Kurdistan sky intimidating the Kurdish population, at the same time the Belgian Police forces raids the Kurdish national ROJ-TV based in Brussels, crushing all the equipments, provoking and injuring the journalists, ostensibly to capture the terrorists!

It seems to me that they are all parts of the same plot against Kurdish resistance movement in Turkey, with a little difference that Turkey is not a member of EU. But the EU is demonstrated its capacity to be worst than Turkey. Turkey believes that there is no such a thing as the Kurdish issue but a terror one which must be responded militarily, the EU is doing the same thing but under different title, "anti-terror operations" ostensibly! Turkey claims that there is "one language, one flag, one identity in this country; whoever doesn't like it can leave", the EU is acting along the same line of mentality. Equating the Kurdish nationalist movement is not going to be a good option to face the realities in the world. The reality is that the PKK is the true voice of the Kurds. The PKK and the Kurdish question are bounded together, separating them will not develop a solution and we all know this, even those who pretend to be after a peaceful solution to the Kurd case.

The Belgian police forces raiding more than 24 Kurdish community centres including Kurdistan National Congress are well aware that those who they are raiding and arresting are not terrorist and they have a good background of them. But what really they want to show by putting a bag over the head of Dr. Remzi Kartal, the leader of Kurdish National Congress, and dragging him behind......? Apart from humiliating and hurting the feelings of millions of the Kurds what else they are hoping for? Are they really aware that the humans can be unpredictable? Are they really aware that the Kurds are well able to protect their values and their honours? Are they really aware that the similar thing happened to Ocalan, the Kurdish national leader in the Imrali prison, and it sparked the violence among those who were agitated by these provocative treatments? But would provoking the masses into violence really help to solve the issues? The Belgian police could have sent summons to Dr. Kartal and his three colleagues to attend the court of law, if there is still any court of justice in Belgium! Who are those that they arrested in such a humiliating way? Where is the place that they raided at 5 am in the morning? By the way Dr. Kartal was arrested in 2004 in Germany and in 2009 in Spain under the same charge and he won his case and released respectively.

They raided Kurdistan National Congress which is in the vicinity of the European Parliament, a place that diplomats from different countries paying regular visits to; a place that has nothing less than the Belgian Parliament in the eyes of not only the Kurds but any one who sides with democracy and freedom and the rights of the oppressed nations. The Belgian Police need not to raid it in this way and if they had, there was no need to treat the truthful voices of the Kurds in that humiliating way. That will not only put into question the Belgian standard for human rights but it will also create disgust and hatred toward Belgian authorities.

Of course the Kurdish nation has seen many days as such in their history and has demonstrated huge potential for victory. In fact the Kurdish nation has been triumphal in its struggle against the Turkish regime, with the great sacrifices of our nation we defeated the denial and annihilation policies of the Turkish government and are in the final stage of victory. The Turkish government now are having a really tough time and has lost their vision; they don't know how to pave their last steps of defeat in their fascist war against the Kurds. One might argue that orchestrating multi-faceted attacks on the Kurdish community centres and lately the Kurdish National Congress and ROJ- TV are steps to give the defeated Turkey solidarity and condolences.

But to conclude with I should say that the Belgian Polices forces acted in an extremely immature and provoking way that might only bring about hatred and disgust. Apart from negative effects, it would definitely not bring about any result in the favour of peace and democracy and above all it would only add up to more problems of the war-torn country such as Turkey and it might also "lead" the people who have been hurt and humiliated, into violent protests around the world, that the Belgian Authorities should stand accountable to.

Kardo Bokani

04, 03.2010

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