Saturday, March 6, 2010

European persecution of Kurds

It is hard to believe, but it is a fact. All of the European rhetoric about human rights and liberties and protection of minorities seems to simply evaporate when they have to deal with the unfortunate Kurds.
Ami Isseroff
The European Gestapo is reviving!
Saturday, 06 March 2010 21:05 Rojhelat English
The European Gestapo is reviving this time not only in the Nazi Germany but throughout the entire continent. The European Gestapo is not rounding up and massacring the Jews this time but another stateless nation similar to the Jews. No one would have believed a Jew of not having crucified the Jesus; no one would have believed them of not having drunk the blood of Christians; no one would have believed them of not poisoning wells, or to have exploited the peasant, and so on. Without a country or any other bond of unity they were regarded as the living corps, no longer alive and yet walking among the living.
Similar things happening to the stateless Kurds with a little difference that the Kurds are not regarded as the "Jesus crucifiers" but are charged with the groundless accusation of "terrorism". No one now would believe that the Kurds are not terrorists, a people who struggle for the recognition of their identity. No one would believe that the Kurdish cause is just and the Kurds deserve to be regarded and treated like humans, since they have no country where they could protect themselves.
Nonetheless the European Gestapo is labelling the stateless Kurds as the terrorist that must be wiped out of the history. Within the course of last week the European Gestapo raided more than 30 Kurdish community centres throughout the continent because the Kurds have no country; they are alien, foreigners and "terrorists" because they resist to the fascist policies of Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria. They are scattered all over the world not deserving to be united, they should have no access to facilities promoting their cultural identity. The people who are alien and do not deserve a representative and their voice must not be heard by those who side with freedom and equality.... This is what the European Gestapo is telling the stateless Kurds!
The European Gestapo raided also the Kurdish national ROJ-TV based in Brussels, in a savage way crushing all the equipments along with other broadcasting facilities because the Kurds are stateless, they don't deserve to have a TV, they have no country no sate; who the hell allows them to equate them with the state owned people in the world? They should be banned from any activities that would serve to promote their culture, they are "terrorists"; no one in the world should hear their voice; no one should see how they are resisting to the fascist regime of Turkey and other Middle Eastern despotism. They must be oppressed and oppressed until they are totally annihilated... That's what the European Gestapo is telling the stateless Kurds...!
The European Gestapo is also raiding the Kurdish National Congress based in Brussels at 5 am injuring the feelings of the millions of the Kurds, by putting a black bag on the heads of their national leaders and dragging them behind. They dragged Dr. Remzi Kartal the head of our parliament in exile in front of the cameras, facing the entire population of the world, with no respect, no honour conveying the message, who cares about you the "stateless Kurds"? I drag the head of your leaders in front of the entire world and no one would ever dare to face me up. I have the power you don't! I'm the authority you are not. I'm the superior, you are the opposite. I rule you, you have to obey, I oppress you but you have no right to resist. If you do you are a "terrorist"..... It does not hurt at all by the way.... The Kurds do not have feelings any way, they have no country, they don't deserve respect; they are alien and "terrorists"....! That's what the European Gestapo is telling to the stateless Kurds....!
A day after the Colon branch of the European Gestapo raided the house of the leader of Free Life Party of Kurdistan (PJAK), the major political group in Iran, without judicial warrant and took him to their "camp". The leader of PJAK, 72 years old Haci Ahmedi is the German citizen, who has been living there for the last 45 year and is admired by the millions of the Kurds for his tireless work for the peaceful solution of the Kurdish issue over the last 50 years. Yet he is not wanted, he leads the Kurdish resistance against Iranian Fascism, raid and drag him too, who the hell would care about the stateless nations, who the hell allows Haci Ahmedi to lead the stateless nation, he resist to fascist rules, eliminate him, he is a "terrorist" too... That is what the European Gestapo is telling the stateless Kurds....!
Within the same purge carried out against the Kurds, the Italian branch of the European Gestapo raided several Kurdish community centres in Italy and rounded up many Kurdish community workers in the same way they rounded up the Jews and massacred them or sent them to the concentration camps. They have no country, no representatives, no state; thus we can act without impunity, no one will pursue us, no one will bother with how we are treating them, they are the Kurds, stateless people, they do resist to our offensives, thus they are "terrorist"; round them up, beat them up, humiliate and degrade them behind; they are inferior; stateless Kurds; they are "terrorist".... That's what the European Gestapo is telling the stateless Kurds....!
Kardo Bokani

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