Monday, July 16, 2007

Report: Ex Mossad Agent predicts terror attack in US, US intervention in Iran

Report: "Former Israeli agent predicts new terror attacks in USA"

The letter that is appended in the link was received as an anonymous e-mail that has been "circulating." As far as I know it is only on the Web in precisely this form at a Bulletin Board forum. It may be the scoop of the year, or it may be a silly hoax. Whoever originated this letter, the "I," didn't trouble themselves to sign their name to it, which should be a big warning. It claims that former Mossad agent Juval Aviv predicts a massive Al-Qaeda attack in the United States in the near future.
The letter also hints at US initiatives against Syria and Iran:
He says this is well known in intelligence circles but our government does not want to alarm Americans.  However, he also said that Bush will attack Iran and Syria before he leaves office  
That surmise that is somewhat supported by a recent report in the Jerusalem Post.
Juval Aviv was really the Mossad agent involved in killing the Munich Olympic Games terrorists, but there is no guarantee that the writer of what is below actually met him, or that Aviv really said any of these things. This report is not the first indication that Al-Qaeda is reorganizing and planning another attack on the United Staes. Many of the things stated below seem to make sense from a security standpoint. That doesn't mean that the prediction of an imminent Al-Qaeda attack came from Juval Aviv, or that such an attack is really being planned. The background information, such as the fact that the US relies too much on satellites and El-Int, and doesn't have a good Human Intelligence organization, is all well known, and could have been written by almost anyone at any time.
 As of today, at least, this letter has not been debunked as a hoax, but that doesn't mean it will not be proven a hoax. It also doesn't mean there will not be a terror attack as predicted.  
Ami Isseroff

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