Monday, July 16, 2007

Abolish the Apartheid Genocidal Regime; End the Occupation!

Alan Dershowitz at his best:  End the Occupation! he writes. The occupation is the occupation of Darfur, where native Africans are being pushed out by Arab colonialist settlers, through intimidation, murder and rape. Dershowitz writes:
Arab governments actively support the genocidal Sudanese regime, which thus far has murdered 400,000 civilians and displaced 2.5 million.  Jimmy Carter, who has mendaciously said that what Israel is doing is even worse than genocidal Rwanda and Apartheid South Africa, has said little about Darfur in comparison to his daily tirades against Israel. Carter, the Neville Chamberlain of today's war between tyrannical, terrorist regimes and democracies, calls for "balance" in our approach to genocidal regimes and their victims. The United Nations does little about real genocides because it is preoccupied with Israel's imperfections.
The real victims of this obsessive focus on Israel to the exclusion of major human rights violators are neither the Israelis nor the Palestinians. The real victims are Black Africans and others whose dreadful plights are being ignored or downplayed in the name of some bizarre notion of political correctness.
By any standard of justice, human rights, international law and basic common sense, what the Sudanese government is doing in Darfur is incomparably worse than anything the Israelis have ever been accused of. Indeed, there is absolutely no comparison. Even to mention them in the same condemnatory breath is an obscenity. The relatively small number of Palestinian civilians killed by the Israeli military have been the accidental victims of self-defense action, whereas the Darfur genocide has been deliberate and unprovoked. 
Quite strangely, nobody is doing a thing about it. Louise Arbour, whose UN Human Rights apparatus has issued a stream of condemnations of Israel exclusively, should be made to explain why her office has done nothing about Darfur. Nothing at all! Arbour is trying to disociate herself from the HRC, though it is her responsibility. But she could act independently of the HRC, and so could the UN Secretary General. But they have done nothing. In effect, it is not totally unfair to say that the UN has become the agent of Arab imperialism.
Ami Isseroff

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