Thursday, June 21, 2007

Weekly Special: Terrorism rooted in a culture of Hate

Dr. Abd Al-Hamid Al-Ansari, former dean of the shari´a and law faculty at Qatar University, an exponent of liberal Islam claims that it is impossible to live in denial. Current Muslim teaching is the progenitor of terrorism.
MEMRI (6/19/2007)
Republished in Omedia by courtesy of MEMRI
Baseless Excuses for Terrorism
In an article titled "How the Arabs Explain the Terror Phenomenon" in the Qatari daily Al-Raya, Al-Ansari criticized the ways in which the Arab world denies and ignores the phenomenon of terrorism, and refuted the political and socio-economic arguments justifying it:
"...I don't understand the personality split in some people; they depict the terrorist in Iraq as a martyr and a resistance fighter…How can we term someone a martyr when he blows up schools and hospitals, does not respect the sanctity of religious sites, and, worse, blows himself up in restaurants and bus stations full of workers?!...
"Why has the terrorist violence increased? And why has it reached a level of such madness and barbarism? Why aren't we managing to deal with it and handle it? Why is there a rise in terror operations targeting innocents?!
Thomas Braun, Lima, Peru

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