Thursday, June 21, 2007

Tales of Hamas Brutality

The fortunate among the Palestinians who suffered at the hand of Hamas survived. The real lucky ones made it to Israeli hospitals. They are able to tell the tale of a hell on earth. This from Fadi Eyadat and Mijal Grinberg for Haaretz ;

Fatan al-Hinawi, 9, was hospitalized in the children's ward of Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv after being wounded in Gaza. A bullet punctured her side, hit her spine, bowels, a kidney and came out the other side, hitting her arm.

Al-Hinawi is one of five Palestinians, three of them children, who were caught in Hamas-Fatah cross fire and taken to Ichilov. Some are in serious condition.

Shadi, a 23-year-old policemen, is one of them. He was attacked by Hamas gunmen a week ago. "There were five of them. They stood over me and shot my legs from the knee down. One of them put his Kalashnikov to my head. Instinctively I moved the barrel aside and the bullet hit my hand," Shadi told Haaretz yesterday. He arrived at Ichilov with one leg amputated and the other leg crushed.
Unfortunately, we will never hear testimony from the dozens who were brutally executed.

Thomas Braun, Lima, Peru

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