Friday, May 18, 2007

Not funny at all

Ray Hanania, a Palestinian American, tells it like it is. As usual. --Wendy in Washington

Not funny at all

Martyr Mouse again exposes Islamic fanaticism; Hamas must go
by Ray Hanania

In America, the term "Mickey Mouse" usually can mean one of two things: It usually refers to an innocent Walt Disney cartoon character that was always getting into some mischief and fun.

Or, it can sometimes be used in a political context, to describe something as being unprofessional, ineffective and childishly ridiculous.

This week, the Hamas terrorist organization has added one more definition to the term, "cartoon hatred" to poison the minds of children.

The Hamas-owned TV station in the Gaza Strip broadcast an episode of "Tomorrow's Pioneers" in which it featured a character that looked a lot like an overweight, disheveled and unkempt "Mickey Mouse" look-alike that went on to urge Palestinian children to "take up arms" against America and Israel.

"Martyr Mouse," as it has been dubbed in the Western media this week, was encouraging Palestinian children not to raise their arms in protest, but to actually go out and find guns and murder people.

Most people are used to the fundamentalist hatred that has become the symbol of Hamas, a terrorist organization that distorts Islamic teaching to push Palestinians, usually either young or just plain stupid, to strap on an explosives-filled vest and commit suicide.

Hamas targets are always the tough ones, like little children and old men and women who ride Israeli buses. That's their style. There is no bottom to their heinous lack of morality or principle.

This kind of hate-broadcast from Hamas has been going on a long time. And it's not funny at all.

Denounce Hamas

In fact, it is about time that Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims stop trying to justify this kind of hateful garbage and stand up and not only denounce this, but also denounce Hamas, Hamas hatred, and Hamas leaders.

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