Saturday, May 19, 2007

Arabs. Zogby blame victims in Darfur

In Darfur, there is a cycle of violence. The government supported Janjaweed terrorists rape and murder, and the rape victims fight back. That is the Arab narrative it seems. James Zogby reports that Arabs feel that media are not reporting the conflict fairly, and that Arab media are not getting out their side of the story:
What the poll revealed was that strong majorities in the four Arab countries found fault with the Arab media's coverage of Darfur.  Additionally, more than 80 percent of the respondents in the four Arab countries surveyed expressed the view that the Arab media should devote more time to the issue.
When asked about who was responsible for the current crisis, Arab and Muslim respondents acknowledged the complexity of the conflict, with majorities in four of the six nations (Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Morocco and Turkey) holding both the government of Sudan and Sudanese rebel groups equally responsible.
Can't blame the Janjaweed, right? Those Darfur women must be "asking for it."
Ami Isseroff

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