Sunday, April 29, 2007

Syria infliltrating Iraqi Defense Ministry

This is unsurprising if true, but dismaying nonetheless.

Syrian Infiltration of Iraqi Defense Ministry

Washington DC, April 29, 2007/RPS News/ -- Elaph reported today of an impending investigation at the Iraqi Ministry of Defense due to an infiltration of one of its most sensitive divisions dealing with names and addresses of ministry personnel in addition to ministry logistics.

A young blonde lady by the fake name of Shayma'a Mohammad was hired at the Iraqi Ministry of Defense without any background check after she presented her credentials, which included letters of recommendations by known officers working at the ministry. It was not until another ministry official who recognized her from previous experience and who questioned her hiring did the matter explode in public.

Although, Elaph's story does not implicate Syria directly but rather refers to Shyama'a working for the intelligence services of a neighboring country, it reported that Shayma'a and one of the officers who recommended her for the job and who carries a dual citizenship escaped to Syria just before the ministry was able to nab them. The investigation into the full scope of the damage continues because of the sensitivity of the information that Shayma'a was able to have access to, which included amongst other things logistical and operational plans of the Iraqi armed forces.

The Assad regime has been accused on several occasions by the Iraqi and American governments of implicitly supporting the terrorists in the western provinces of Iraq, which have become safe havens for al-Qaeda and Iraqi Ba'athists.

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