Sunday, April 29, 2007

Is a Gaza incursion inevitable? Or even feasible?

IDF Chief of staff Gabi Ashkenazi says a Gaza incursion is inevitable. I don't think it will happen. What doesn't happen is not inevitable for sure. Here is what the article states:
The only solution to continued Palestinian rocket fire into the western
Negev is to implement a ground incursion into the Gaza Strip, said IDF Chief
of General Staff Lt.-Gen. Gabi Ashkenzani during Sunday's weekly cabinet

But Ashkenazi forgot perhaps, that the Qassam rocket fire started when the IDF was still in Gaza, and that it could not be conrolled then either! Suppose that there is a bloody ground incursion (bloody in both senses) and then 3 months later the Qassam rockets start again? Do we stay in Gaza? What will that look like? Won't we then have the same Qassam rockets we had before, perhaps in larger numbers, plus the same problems of occupation we had before? Qassam rockets can kill, but IDF incursions into Gaza are certainly going to result in a lot more deaths of Israelis. Unless we have the backing of the world for this, those deaths will be in vain. At most they will result in legitimation of the Hamas and Israel will be faced with an angry world that supports the Hamas, no? A smaller "military solution" will only net a few more UN condemnations of Israel.
Ami Isseroff

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