Sunday, April 15, 2007

Someone doesn't like "Resistance" and this time it is not "Zionists" or "neocons"

This Reuters article tells us: Moroccans fear suicide attacks could wreck growth. The story states:
Moroccans fear a series of suicide bombings in the commercial hub Casablanca may wreck the very economic growth needed to reduce the poverty seen as a breeding ground for jihadist foot soldiers.
Indeed, suicide bombings can jeopardize economic growth. They are bad for the other sort of growth too.  10 of 10 children killed in suicide attacks stopped growing. That is a medical fact. But it is hard to understand why people who are so enthusiastic about resistance in Lebanon and Israel, and so unhappy about the same thing in their own country. 
The story continues:

Two suicide bombers, Mohamed Baha and his brother Omar, blew themselves up outside U.S. diplomatic offices in a Casablanca on Saturday in the first such targeted attacks in four years.

Only the two were killed in the blasts, no one was wounded.

Coming days after a police raid in which three bombers blew themselves up and a fourth was shot, the prospect that more suicide bombers may be at large has raised concerns the menace could hurt foreign investment and tourism at a time when the government is striving to lure both to spur growth.

Nobody was hurt except suicide bombers, but these people are complaining! In Iraq this would be considered a quiet week. Bad Moroccans! They must be turning into Zionists. Where is A.N.S.W.E.R. and where is Counterpunch to denounce their reactionary attitude??
Ami Isseroff

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