Saturday, April 21, 2007

Obsession - Anti-terror film finally got passed the PC censors at Pace university

Anti-terror film unmuzzled at PACE university

The "Obsession" film should not be a Zionist issue. It is about terror and incitement. Whatever you may think of the commentators, the footage the film shows of crowds screaming "death to America" is authentic. The footage of Jew hate is authentic. We wrote about the virtual banning of Obsession from American theaters and campuses before.
As reported in the press release below, Hillel has gotten PACE university to apologize for banning the film, and for an incendiary statement they made about campus Hillel, and they even got them to allow the film, as a special favor we suppose.
But this should not have been an issue for Hillel or the ZOA or for Jewish groups at all. The Islamist attacks of 9-11 didn't happen in Israel and they did not kill only Jews. The recent attacks in Algeria and Morocco didn't kill Jews either. They were aimed at Muslims. Fighting terror, hate and extremism has to be the concern of every decent human being on Earth, regardless of their religion or race. That's the only way we will ever lick it. Terrorism and Islamist extremism are the enemy of civilized people everywhere.
Ami Isseroff

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