Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fars News Agency Report:"Israeli Air Force in Sauidi Arabia

The following report of the Fars News agency dated June 23 and  translated by Google, claims that Israeli planes landed at a base in Northwest Saudi Arabia, evidently to prepare for missions inside Iran. The translation is poor of course. There is no way of telling if this report is a total fiction or not. It is probably interesting only as an indication of the state of relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia.  Here is the Arabic original for whoever wants to fix the translation.

Military activities, suspicious of the Zionist entity in the region - Tabuk - Asaudipokalp Persia: landed several planes of the Zionist entity in the past days at Tabuk airport international at a distance of 9 kilometers from the city center to come down, including a group of Zionist military and their equipment Ascripozkr report Fars site - Islam Times - Bri that the Zionist entity has created for himself a military base in Tabuk North West Saudi Arabia, where it landed at this base a few days ago a group of aircraft belonging to an entity, while taking away with them military equipment at a time announced the establishment of Saudi Arabia Airlines to cancel flights internal and external on June 18 to 19 to coincide with the landing of Zionism. He said one of the passengers from Jeddah to Tabuk airport officials said they transferred passengers to a four-star hotels with them living expenses at the expense of the government to absorb the anger from flight delays but officials at Tabuk airport declined to give reasons for flight suddenly.

This step aims and Saudi Arabia all to develop the full potential of this country to hit the resistance line in the Muslim world, which led to Muslims in all the world against Alec business. The city of Tabuk from seven large cities in Saudi Arabia and enjoy the quality of the weather and the large number of water and the city administration is by Prince Fahd bin Sultan bin Abdul Aziz, but the confidential relationships with the Zionist entity is frequently talked about in the city.

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