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Hezbollah Completes Take-Over of Lebanese Mountains

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Hezbollah Completes Take-Over of Lebanese Mountains
September 6, 2008 //RPS Staff// - In coordination with the Assad regime, in particular Mohammed Nassif Kheir Bek (Abou Wael), in addition to Iranian agents working directly within Hezbollah's rank and file, the renegade Hezbollah militia has quietly established positions in Kobayat and Founaydek mountain tops in Northern Lebanon in anticipation of an internal Lebanese war Assad of Syria has been preparing for using his own homegrown terrorists.

Hezbollah has also occupied the Sanneen mountain top, the highest in Lebanon and the Barook mountain top surrounding the Beirut-Damascus Highway and normally a Druze enclave.

Kobayat and Founaydek are known to be Christian enclaves in the north. Their strategic value, besides connecting Hezbollah's communications infrastructure, lies in their military commanding heights over Tripoli and surrounding areas. Yesterday, the March 14 coalition, warned against the drum beat of war sparked by what Assad said during his press conference with President Sarkozy of France to the effect that extremism in the north may force Syria to re-enter Lebanon. About two months ago, sectarian incidents erupted in Tripoli, which killed some 20 Lebanese when Sunni and Alawites clashed.
Analysts believe that the somewhat inexperienced administration of Sarkozy's new government believes the intelligence provided by its staff in Lebanon, which is mostly influenced by Syrian agents playing a double game. In the past, March 14 has accused Assad of stationing Fatah al-Islam in the North of Lebanon in order to create justification for Syrian forces to re-enter the country under the auspices of saving the international community from Islamic extremism.

According to reliable sources, Syria continues developing and arming Fatah al-Islam the same way it continues coordinating with the remnants of al-Qaeda in Iraq by sending Syrian military intelligence officers to fill the void left by their defeat by the US troops and the Iraqis.

The speed by which the international community is allowing Assad free reign of terror in Lebanon and Iraq is quite disturbing. Years of isolating the Assad regime with success is being dismantled by renegade policy makers within the Bush administration by taking advantage of noticeable absence in the White House and the distractions caused by US elections.

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