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Joint Communique with Mr. Bashar Al Assad, President of the Syrian Arab Republic

Published on 12-07-08 at 20:34
Joint Communique with Mr. Bashar Al Assad, President of the Syrian Arab Republic
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The President of the French Republic, Mr. Nicolas SARKOZY, and the President of the Syrian Arab Republic, Mr. Bashar Al Assad, carried out a wide-ranging review, referring to bilateral issues of regional and international interest.

In the light of positive regional developments, the two Presidents agreed on a work plan to ensure the revival of bilateral relations, with a common goal of strengthening political, economic and cultural ties between the two countries, particularly in the liguistic, education and  academic domains. .

In this context, the French President will visit Syria at the invitation of President Bashar Al Assad, before mid-September 2008.

This visit will be prepared by a trip to Paris of  Deputy Prime Minister DARDARI, 21 and 22 July and a visit to Damascus of the French Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Bernard Kouchner.

Both Presidents emphasized the importance of the Syrian-Israeli peace process and noted the progress already made in the indirect talks held between Syria and Israel under the auspices of Turkey.

The Syrian President said that he hoped that France, with the USA, can make its full contribution to a future peace agreement between Israel and Syria in the phase of direct negotiation as in the implementation of the agreement, including security arrangements as may be necessary. The French President  noted the availability of France to respond to any request to that effect, if the parties were interest.

The two presidents reiterated their full support for the Doha agreement. The French President welcomed the strong determination of the President of Syria to establish diplomatic relations with Lebanon, after the formation of a Lebanese government of national unity .

The French President, on behalf of the Presidency of the European Council,
will initiate the appropriate procedures for signing the association agreement between the EU and Syria, and the launch of the ratification process as soon as possible.

The two countries will cooperate in an active manner to ensure the success of the Mediterranean Union.

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