Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Israeli air incursion: Israel attacked missile batteries in Syria

Among the many theories about the Israeli strike in Syria, this one has a ring of versimilitude:
'IAF attacked missile batteries; Assad advisors pushing for retaliation' Staff , THE JERUSALEM POST Sep. 12, 2007
Advisors to Syrian President Bashar Assad are pressuring him to respond to the alleged IAF attack by "landing a blow to an Israeli target," The Kuwaiti daily Al-Jareeda reported Wednesday.

According to the report, Israel targeted long-range missile batteries that were brought to Syria from Iran.

The report said that five IAF fighter jets carried out the attack.

Again, there is no reason offered as to why Israel is keeping mum about the strike. They did not do so in the past. The most logical explanation is that the target was a Russian-manned radar or missile installation or perhaps an electronic listening post, like the one that did so much damage in the recent Lebanon war. That would be a good reason for Israel to keep silent about the target. Russian-manned radar would make a crucial difference in any war with Syria, since it would provide the air-defense umbrella that would allow Syrian aircraft to operate over Israel. Russians would probably not allow the Syrians to man the most advanced systems. The actual function of the radar may have been intended to protect Russian ports on the Mediterranean, but in a war, it could be used to provide missile cover.
Ami Isseroff

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