Saturday, July 14, 2007

France: Hassan Nasrallah is a jolly good fellow

Rumors of strange realignments in French foreign policy, bringing the French closer to the Aoun faction in Lebnon, seem to be confirmed. The French foreign ministry has announced that  Hizbullah is not a terror group. Rather they are really very nice fellows after all. Quoting Jerusalem Post:
"Hizbullah is part of Lebanese politics and must not be regarded as a terror organization, said the French Foreign Ministry in a statement Thursday night.

The statement was an apparent about-turn by France after President Nicolas Sarkozy said that Hizbullah was indeed a terrorist group when he met with the captured IDF soldiers' families in Paris last week. Thursday's statement was prompted by protests from Hizbullah leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah."  
Not since a former French Foreign Minister claimed that Iran was a force for stability in the Middle East has French diplomacy been so "creative." The implications go well beyond Hezbollah. It seems that in the French definition, any group that becomes part of politics is no longer a terror organization. Therefore, if the Mafia or Al-Qaida run candidates in US elections, it seems that France will accept their legitimacy.
The statement was undoubtedly connected to France's attempts to mediate a solution to  the Lebanese crisis. Of course, you can only believe it is possible to mediate a solution if you are satisfied that all participants, including Hezbollah, are really decent chaps and legitimate organizations.
On the other hand, tomorrow may bring yet another denial.
Ami Isseroff

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