Friday, July 6, 2007

Four months enjoying Palestinian hospitality

It is likely that Alan Johnston will soon send the following report to the BBC:


Four months enjoying Palestinian hospitality


The Palestinians, in spite of their suffering under the oppressive Zionist occupation, have not lost their characteristic charm and courtesy. Four months ago they invited me to enjoy their wonderful hospitality. They were so insistent and used such convincing arguments that I could not refuse to accompany them. During four months they gave me house and board, and did not charge me one cent, (how different from the exorbitant prices charged by the Israeli hotels!).

The food that I was given was so good and healthy that I lost around 30 pounds, something I could never achieve when I tried to diet in the past.

I wasn't bored one single moment. They would kiddingly accuse me of being an Israeli spy, and I, amused, would deny it. I almost died laughing!

We also spoke about theology. They explained their religion with such devotion and conviction that I am now considering converting to Islam. So that I would never forget such an important moment in my life, they wish to make a video and show it in all the TV stations of the world and also in Internet.

They were always very considerate. In order to insure that I would enjoy a refreshing rest, they had the fine gesture of shutting off all my contacts with the outside world.

The BBC executives showed their gratitude for all the kindness that my hosts showed me by donating an appreciable sum to the "Pro suicide martyrs of Hamas" fund.

After four unforgettable months, it was very sad for me to say good by to my Palestinian friends. Today, in my new address, a suite in a hotel in Tel Aviv, I remember them and miss them very much, because from now on I will interview them only by phone.


David Mandel

Savyon, Israel

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