Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Satire: Olmert makes sexual advances to Saudis

From Rotten Falafel Web log...

Olmert makes sexual advances to Saudis

Experts in the field of diplomatic nuance said that Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's gesture to the Saudi Arabians in his message of piece was a sexual overture. Olmert was responding to the Arab League's offer to surrender everything and to stop referring to the Zionist Entity as the Zionist Entity in their useless political posturing and public outcries of hypocricies.

But while inviting the Arab leaders Sunday to meet to discuss the discussion of peace, Olmert also invited the King of Saudi Arabia, Ab-dull-ah Binabdelazziz to a whine and cheese squeezing party at his private condo in Berlin. Olmert was overheard telling his sexually harassed female aides, "I know that Condi beyitch is a hottie, but that Ab-dull-ah looks fine in that Channel Chador."


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