Friday, July 23, 2010

The Jews as the Ram in the Thicket: The re-abandonment of the Jewish people

In "The Jews as the Ram in the Thicket," Dexter van Zile makes a compelling case that there is a rise in anti-Semitism and a rise in anti-Israel sentiment and actions in mainline Christian churches. He likens it to the situation before World War II, when so-called "peace" activists (such as America First activists) saw the Jews as responsible for the world's woes, rather than as potential - and actual - victims of the Nazis. He points out a possible reason for resurgent anti-Semitism and writes in conclusion::
6. Part of the problem is that many people in mainline churches have embraced a view of history that portrays Western civilization as the dominant, if not unique source of suffering in the world today. Given this understanding, and the self-hate it engenders, members of these churches feel as if they deserve punishment.

In this sense, the members of mainline churches are like Abraham's son Isaac on the way to Mount Moriah. They see the wood and the fire and have a vague sense that an immolation is going to take place, but hope desperately that they will not be the victim of this sacrifice. They feel on one level that if it weren't for their exquisite moral sense, that they would deserve to be immolated.

And how do they demonstrate and give voice to their exquisite moral sense?

By condemning Israel.

Israel, for these folks, is the ram in the thicket on Mount Moriah. Israel is the entity that they can thrust into the fire of moral judgment.

In sum, what we are witnessing is an intellectual process by which people are preparing themselves to justify the re-abandonment of the Jewish people. If we continue with this process, it will have great consequences for the Jewish people in particular and Western civilization in general.
The theology to which he refers is of course Liberation theology. The resurgence of anti-Semitism due to a liberal rationale in place of the old reactionary ones is a dismal prospect, as mainline churches line up to deliver lopsided condemnations of Israel.

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