Monday, June 14, 2010

UC Irvine suspends MSU for one year

It is not certain that this suspension will have any real effect. The MSU will get "points" for being "persecuted" by the "Zionist conspiracy" and will continue to do their dirty work under a different name.

Expelling the students involved might have been more effective.

UC Irvine suspends MSU for one year

By JACOB ADELMAN (AP) – 24 minutes ago

LOS ANGELES — The University of California, Irvine, has suspended a Muslim student group for at least a year because of a protest that disrupted a talk by Israel's ambassador and led to the arrests of 11 students.

The university on Monday released a letter from a student affairs disciplinary committee to Muslim Student Union leaders. It says the group was found guilty of disorderly conduct, obstructing university activities and other violations of campus policy.

The Muslim Student Union condemned Ambassador Michael Oren's appearance in February. It has insisted it did not organize the protests, but the committee found it did engineer the protests and instructed participants to lie about its involvement.

Muslim Student Union spokesman Hadeer Soliman did not immediately respond to an e-mail from The Associated Press requesting comment.

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