Saturday, April 24, 2010

Moluccas - another neglected human rights issue

You've heard about the oppressed Palestinians and you might even have heard that a few people have died in Darfur and Iran and Syria and China and that the Burmese government is pretty nasty. A few of you might know that the Kurdish people are suffering repression at the hands of the Turkish and Syrian governments. Chances are though that you never heard of the Moluccas islands and don't even know they are in Indonesia. Moluccan separatists are being brutally repressed by the Indonesian government, but nobody seems to care very much. There is no UN special Rapporteur on Molucca. No UN Security Council meetings about Molucca. No special UN department on the rights of Moluccans. HRW did a report on them a while ago, but that was a while ago. Check out this Website:   Moluccas International Campaign for Human Rights
Ami Isseroff .

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