Wednesday, March 10, 2010


The Iran Threat in a Nutshell

by Yoram Ettinger

The former ambassador says it all in this short and succinct article: Take heed, world, Israel's destruction is not Iran's only goal.

1.  Iran's super-goal: Domination of the Persian Gulf and its natural resources.

2.  Iran's super-enemies: Those who undermine Iran's super-goal.

3.  Iran's super-capabilities:  Nuclear capabilities are developed in order to advance Iran's super-goal and defeat Iran's super-enemies.

4.  Iran's nuclear would be leveraged, mostly, to force US and NATO out of the Gulf and the Indian Ocean.  It would be leveraged against Iraq – its arch rival since the seventh century – and against Saudi Arabia, which Iran considers an apostate regime. All Gulf States are perceived by Iran as a key prize, required to control the flow and the price of oil and to bankroll Teheran's megalomaniac regional and global aspirations.

5.  US national security and US standard of living would be severely undermined by Iran's domination of the Persian Gulf.  The prevention of a nuclear Iran constitutes a top US national security priority. 

6.  The Sanction Delusion plays into Teheran's hands: Russia and China consider the US their major long-term rival.  Their assessment of Iran is dramatically different than the US assessment. Therefore, they (as well as some European countries) will not implement effective sanctions against Iran.

7.  Preemption/prevention – and not deterrence or retaliation – is the only effective means to prevent the nuclearization of Iran and to spare the US and the globe devastating cost.

(Video) Ayalon: Nuclear Iran Means a Stronger Hamas Terror Group

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