Sunday, March 14, 2010

Further persecution of Kurds by the Belgian government

Belgium's Incomprehensible war against the Kurds on behalf of the Turks continues.

On Sunday 1.30 am the Belgian Police Forces raided the house of another Kurdish journalist and the human rights activist Shamzin Cihani.

During a short phone conversation with her family that took place at 6, 00 am Ms. Cihani told her family that she has no idea about her arrest. She claimed that she was ill-treated and humiliated by the cops during their raid of her house.

The Belgian Police Forces have initiated a serial of raids against the Kurdish community workers, human rights activists as well as the Kurdish journalists. Among the places raided were the Kurdish National Congress and the Kurdish national ROJ-TV. During the raid of ROJ_TV all the broadcasting equipments were crushed and the damages done are estimated around 1,200,000 Euros.


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