Friday, March 26, 2010

Confessions of a Zionist soldier:

Yoav, an Israeli soldier, writes about army life...

With great power comes great responsibility

This post actually relates to an event that took place more than a year ago, soon after I was drafted to the IDF and began my mandatory service.

You see, as a kid, I've always been such a big fan of action films, especially the ones with the big explosions. And what's exactly the essence of action movies (beside the tough hero and the beautiful girl...)? That's right - guns. Big guns.

I mean, pretty much all of the kids worldwide are really enthusiastic about guns - they buy gun-like toys, they play outdoors pretending they shoot one another (while making funny noises), watch action films and playing video games. I was no different.

When I was 14, I remember having this conversation with my grandfather. "When I'll be in the army I'll fight all of the bad guys and let'em have it!" I said. I remember imagining myself jumping and shooting at the battlefield, completely unaware of danger and not even acknowledging the feeling of fear. "I wish we won't need the army when it's time for you to join it" he answered. Classic answer...

Few years went by, I turned 18, finished high school, and it was my time. Soon after we began the basic training, they told us that we're going to get guns - M16 automatic assault rifles. And although I already wasn't as excited about it as I was at the age of 14, I couldn't believe what I felt as my commander took the rifle from the armory guy and gave it to me: I was completely shocked and my stomach rolled over.

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