Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mahmoud Abbas Sponsors Event to Celebrate Terrorist's Brithday

 Mahmoud Abbas, chairman of the Palestinian Authority, sponsored an event organized to celebrate the 50th birthday of Dalal al-Maghribi, a female terrorist who participated in the terrorist attack on a bus on the Coastal Road in 1978.2 The ceremony was attended by senior members of the Palestinian Authority, and there was a parade of children. A giant poster bore a picture of Dalal al-Maghribi and the inscription, "With the sponsorship of his Excellency President Mahmoud Abbas." Fatah and the Palestinian Authority have made the terrorist a role model in the same way Hamas makes its shaheed operatives killed in terrorist attacks against Israel into role models. She has been commemorated many times by the Palestinian Authority, and has had schools, computer centers, summer camps, sports tournaments and a square in Ramallah named after her.

Children on parade at the birthday celebration
Children on parade at the birthday celebration
(Photo courtesy of Palestinian Media Watch).

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