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Useful links about antisemitic expressions

Bernard Lewis on The New Anti-Semitism
"Unfortunately, hatred and persecution are a normal part of the human experience.
....special feature of anti-Semitism, which is much more important than differing standards of judgment, is the accusation against Jews of cosmic evil. Complaints against people of other groups rarely include it. This accusation of cosmic, satanic evil attributed to Jews, in various parts of the world and in various forms, is what has come to be known in modern times as anti-Semitism............................
Demonization, as distinct from common or garden-variety prejudice or hostility, began with the advent of Christianity and the special role assigned to the Jews in the crucifixion of Christ as related in the Gospels. Christianity started as a movement within Judaism, and the conflict between Christians and Jews had that special bitterness that often makes conflicts within religions more deadly than those between religions. The Christian message was presented as the fulfillment of God's promises to the Jews, written in what Christians called the Old Testament. The rejection of that message by the Jewish custodians of the Old Testament was especially wounding.
An important concern of the early Christians was not so much to blame the Jews as, for understandable reasons, to exculpate the Romans. Jewish guilt and Roman innocence, the two interdependent, became important parts of the Christian message, first to Rome and then beyond, with devastating effect on popular attitudes toward Jews, especially at Easter time."

THE REVERSAL OF VALUES: Jews as Nazis, Terrorists as victims
".... Ironically, Holocaust survivors have been found among the victims of the Palestinian suicide bombs. Genocide is indeed the terrorists' agenda. Every Jewish civilian, regardless of age or role in society, is a target. The terrorists' openly stated purpose is to destroy the State of Israel by killing as many Israelis as they can and sending the rest into flight. Nevertheless it is Israel who stands accused of racism and Nazism. How can we explain this reversal of basic human values, the application of the Nazi label by those who would perpetuate the spirit of Nazism against those who were the victims of Nazism? . "
The Nazi Comparison
"This article was written at the height of the anti-Zionist hysteria, in one of the worst periods of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, when suicide bombers were blowing up almost every day in Israel, and Israelis were being called Nazis for the crime of defending themselves. At that time "Zionism = Nazism" was a common slogan, and Zionist leaders were pictured with swastikas in cartoons and regularly sued for "war crimes" by pro-Palestinian groups in European courts. The vile accusation persists. It has not gone away. The vile, nauseating, perverted slogans and themes of Zionism=Nazism and Jews = Nazis slogans and themes are repeated without end in Arab media op-eds and cartoons, at "pro-Palestine" demonstrations by "liberals" and equally, by anti-Semitic literature and Web sites. Generally, the people who use these slogans are themselves Holocaust deniers, racists (David Duke is one example) and not much different from actual Nazis in their beliefs. "
"Written in 2003, this article is unfortunately still relevant today."
The truth behind the evil Zionist Gaza siege
"Some differences between Gaza and Warsaw Ghetto that occur to me: Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto did not declare that they wanted to murder all the Germans .
-Jews did not fire rockets and mortars into surrounding civilian areas.
-Jews did not take power in a bloody coup and murder opponents.
-Arabs in Gaza are not being rounded up for transport to death camp.
-Most of the Arabs in Gaza are alive and unharmed and evidently well nourished.
-Almost every Jew in the Warsaw Ghetto was murdered in a concentration camp, killed in the revolt, starved to death or died of disease."
Anti-Semitism versus Criticism of Israel
"Anti-Semitism should not be confused with legitimate criticism of Israel or Israeli policy. A person may be opposed to particular Israeli policies without being anti-Semitic. It depends how the opposition is expressed, and whether the criticism is reasonable. "Hamas, Hamas, Jews to the Gas" is not a "legitimate criticism." "Israelis are worse than Nazis" is not a legitimate criticism, unless someone can find evidence that Israelis are committing mass genocide. When it is alleged that "Zionists" or the "Israel lobby" is all powerful and controls the governments of the world, or that Israel committed atrocities similar to those committed by the Nazis, it is obvious that the motivation for the criticism is racist and unrelated to facts. Very often the same persons or organizations or Web sites will be involved in Holocaust denial, descriptions of the Talmud as a dangerous document and other clear manifestations of anti-Semitism. "
 Language as a Tool against Jews and Israel - An Interview with Georges-Elia Sarfati
"Discourses are formulated on the basis of ideological views. The idea that speech is transparent is a belief rather than a scientific fact. When analyzing Judeophobia, one finds an archive of words to be used against the Jew, which aims to criminalize all forms of Jewish identity.
Soviet propaganda began using the term "anti-Zionism" systematically after the Six Day War. Before then, it was employed, at most, sporadically.
From the point of view of language, anti-Zionism has become an ideology. A number of key equations dominate its discourse. The master one is "Zionism equals Nazism." "
"..."It was the Soviet Union's ministry of information which began to use the expression 'anti-Zionism' systematically after the Six Day War. In addition to being employed in the Soviet press, it then also was appearing regularly in the media of the French extreme left. Prior to that, the word's use was sporadic, at most. It did not appear in dictionaries until the 1970s. Anti-Zionism's major 'canonic' texts are first and foremost Soviet fabrications. One of the Supreme Soviet's ideologists, Trofim Kitchko, published several anti-Semitic books between 1963 and the beginning of the 1980s. His first one, Judaism Unembellished, was sponsored by the Academy of Sciences."
Israel's right to Self Defense Questioned
"Written in 2002, this article is unfortunately still relevant today. Something is very odd in world politics today regarding the Middle East. In spite of the demonstrable insincerity of the Palestinian leadership and the continuing war of terror, it is Israel that receives by far the bulk of the world's condemnation. "
Israel's case: Why we are fighting in Gaza - 14.01. 2009
"The constant malicious spread of disinformation about Israel's Gaza operation must be countered by a simple statement of the facts. This is what I tell people who ask. I hope you find it useful. If you do use it, or parts of it, please credit the source. "
Ami Isseroff
Germans calling Jews Nazis
"Using Nazi genocidal language for Israel's actions is another tool of Holocaust inversion. The most effective way to sanitize Germany's immense crimes is to accuse Israel of acting similarly. "
Judeophobia -  Anti-Semitism, Jew-Hate and anti-"Zionism"
Scroll down the page on the previous link for a table of contents: 16 chapters.......
"These pages are adapted by the kind permission of Dr. Gustavo Perednik. They  are based on a twelve-lecture Internet course prepared for "The Jewish University in Cyberspace." During 2000 and 2001, the book by Gustavo Perednik "Judeophobia" was published in Spanish. This course summarizes the core ideas of the book. It presents a comprehensive and unique analysis of the development of Jew hate (Judeophobia or anti-Semitism) throughout history. It tries to answer the question "why the Jews?" - why have Jews been particularly singled out for ethnic, racial and religious persecution, and it traces the relationship between anti-Zionism and racist Judeophobia or so-called 'anti-Semitism.' "
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