Monday, June 8, 2009

Obama Speech: Truth, Justice and Tolerance upside down

Truth, Justice and Tolerance upside down
Our President the Messiah just spoke in Cairo and he said he wanted to speak truth but the speech was a lie from start to finish. He tried to portray Islam as a tolerant religion. Try ask the families of the million and half Armenian Christians butchered by the Turks in the name of Allah, or the Hindus butchered in the tens of millions in India during the middle ages or try telling the 850,000 Jews who fled Arab countries between 1948 and 1973, or what about the millions of Christians and Black Muslims (not real Muslims according to the Arabs) butchered by the Arab Muslims in Darfur Sudan; just a few of the tolerant moments of Islam.  Maybe we could examine the persecution of Copts, Maronites and other Middle Eastern Christians over the last several centuries including the current times. I personally have spoken to dozens of families about how their wives, daughters, aunts and nieces have been subjected to unspeakable rapes, kidnapping and imprisonment with no course for redress.
John Adams the second president may have signed a peace treaty with Tripoli (morocco) Pirates but did not compliment Islam, the President Obama took those words out of context and then on top omitted the castigation and condemnation of Islam by John Adams' son; John Quincy Adam's, the sixth president, who said quote "The essence of his doctrine (Islam) was violence, lust: to exalt brutal over the spiritual part of human nature." 
President Obama continues with his his lies about the "Justice, progress and dignity of all Human beings in Islam". Well Mr. President try asking that question to the wives of most Muslims; if only those women had a chance to taste Western freedom of expression. Our President deceives himself as he deceives others. He is a disgrace to the cause of civil rights, not for just Christians and Jews but to all that live under the yoke of Islam. The huge amount of evidence showing Islamic brutality today and of the past that is denied by President Obama with omission and unfortunately also denied by many in our society, including most of the church in America and the West.
According to the philosophy of the left and our President, is that if you are a minority you have the right to be more privileged than the majority because of the past injustices that were inflicted on that minority.  Affirmative action is for every minority except for Jews/Israelis because if you are a Jew living in the Middle East or Israel you have to be subservient to the Muslims and to our President Barack Hussein Obama, who is "proud of his Muslim heritage."
If Islam is not a peaceful religion and Zionism is true then I am a proud extremist.  The President does not speak the truth and should be impeached for hate crimes and racism against Jews, for despising and undermining our constitution, for attempting to bankrupt the country, for lying to the American people about what he promised them before being elected and allegedly for proposing a racist supreme court judge. America is still divided and not united because the truth is lost, lies are embraced and deception is the order of the day.
In regards to Israel the President made a clear and unequivocal statement at AIPAC about an undivided Jerusalem but that I am sure will be the next change in his position after he pounds the Jews into giving up Judea.
If you are a true liberal how can you justify Jews giving up their homes or expanding their economic welfare because they are Jews?  Arabs want a state called Palestine, fine, if that is what they want why can Jews not live in a state called Palestine as a peaceful minority just like Arabs live within Israel's Green Line. If Jews cannot be part of "Palestine" then Arabs should not be part of Israel, kick them all out, let them live in their utopia terror state called Palestine. No, because if Israel were to do this they would be called an apartheid state but it is OK to be an Arab and be guilty of an Apartheid policy, which is called "freedom fighting" by the left and the Arabs. How tolerant Mr. President! And for those that say that Jews should not be there in the first place, that is another lie. Jews lived in JUDEA continuously for nearly 4000 years except between 1948 and 1967 when THEY were ethnically cleansed by the Jordanians. In 1967 after the Six Day War did Jews ret urn to reclaim the birthright of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  Hebron is in Judea, Bethlehem the burial place of Rachel is in Judea. If Judea does not belong to the Jews then neither does Tel Aviv or Haifa. Stand up Jews and make your case, stop being so practical and reasonable, your enemies are not interested in land, or economic development, or living in harmony with you, their religion of Islam forbids it, they are only interested in destroying you, Islamic tolerance is a myth, a lie and a deception. When they shouted idbah-al-Yahud (slaughter the Jews) prior to 1948 war, prior to 1967 war and today in every mosque in the Middle East, what part of 'slaughter the Jews' do you Jews not understand?
When Israel withdrew all the Jews from Gaza, all this brought was more war, actually more Palestinian Arabs died when Israel gave them "freedom," more Palestinian Arabs have been murdered by their own people; more Palestinian Arabs have been imprisoned by Hamas, due to Israel's foolish policy which has also caused the death of dozens of Jews, as well as terrifying the whole population of towns in Southern Israel. Yet our rock star President wishes to direct Israel to make the exact same concessions in Judea and Samaria and expect a different result. In fact if Israel does do the President's bidding, and withdraws from Judea and Samaria can we expect peace or another Gaza blueprint?
You do not have to be a committed right winger or Zionist ideologue, but use ones common sense to be able to understand that the most likely outcome would be another Gaza situation, but this time it will be even worse, because now you have every person in Israel that can be targeted by Hamas Rockets. Yes Hamas rockets, because every person who understands the security situation knows that if Israel hands control over Judea and Samaria to Abbas of the PLO, then Hamas will immediately overthrow him and you will have the same situation as Gaza. Abbas depends on Israel's security forces for him to maintain power. The whole peace process with Abbas is a complete sham.
If the American administration truly understood the reality then it needs to be racist towards Hamas instead of the Jews, i.e. destroy the terrorists with uncompromising force then you may not get peace but you will have neutralized the enemy and disemboweled their ability from making war which is much better than the current status quo.
If Israel had some common sense it would use the above arguments in the public domain to make their case, but alas they stand silent. By their silence they will not get peace, they will not get security and they will continue to suffer. They suffer because they will not honor truth, they will not honor G-d's Promise.
Walid Shoebat and Keith Davies

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