Saturday, June 20, 2009

"How the Palestinian Hate Industry Undermines Prospects for Peace" Itamar Marcus

People are concerned with Israeli settlements as an "obstacle to peace"  and not one word about Palestinian hate industry, a real obstacle to peace?
Itamar Marcus presented developments in Palestinian society, showing recent hate propaganda in video and print. Marcus's presentation detailed the demonization, denial of Israel's right to exist.
With such education how is it possible to believe that a new Palestinian state could guarantee regional peace? Impossible.  Some people prefer to ignore facts or they underestimate the gravity of the problem generated by the Palestinian hate industry (since Oslo Accords, Arafat started the education of children to hate Jews).
If Fatah and Hamas indoctrinate children to hate Jews, it is reasonable to believe that they could ever be partners for peace with the Israelis? Impossible.
Part 7 of 8: (key info about Oslo accords)

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