Wednesday, April 1, 2009

BBC Invents "Annapolis Deal" and "Annapolis Accords"

According to the BBC and Reuters, the "ultranationalist"  Foreign Minister of the "right-leaning"(not to mention Zionist warmonger chauvinist) Israel government has torn up an agreement, just like you know who used to do in the 1930s.  "Israel FM rejects Annapolis deal" headlined the BBC. Reuters claimed that the  "ultranationalist"  Foreign Minister of the "right-leaning" forein Minister said that "ultranationalist" "right-leaning" Israel  would not be bound by "US-backed understandings."
But there was never any Annapolis deal, there was never an Annapolis Accord, and there were never any "US-backed understandings." BBC and Reuters invented it all. There were never any agreements, because the Palestinians refused to sign any agreements. More about that here: BBC Invents "Annapolis Accords" 

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