Sunday, March 15, 2009

The ultimate libel

The recent antisemitic libel propagated by the worldwide antisemitic cadre, i.e. equating Israelis to Nazis, "Israelis do to Gazans, what Nazis did to Jews in the Warsaw Guetto", crosses a revolting moral redline.
Antisemites'  moral obscenity has reached appalling levels.
The degree of willful ignorance about what happened in the Warsaw Guetto and what happened in Gaza exhibited by antisemites, their revisionism/myopia of historical facts, to "justify" their hate and enable themselves to "feel good with themselves", are painful for any decent human being who longs to live in  decent society.
People that engage in this dirty libel invented by the likes of  promote an obscene distortion of history, past and present. 
Many pretend that they seek peace for all people in the region.
Blatant hypocrisy: their political agenda seeks the weakening of Israel through image-destruction, to accommodate their Jew-hate.
They could not care less about Gazans.
If they would really care, then they would seek the liberation of Gazans from Hamas, the terror organization, the Iranian regime's puppet, instead of whining about fabricated "Israeli war crimes" and facilitating Hamas' terror by not condemning it.
Venting their antisemitism is more pleasant for them than honestly promoting peace.
AJC's hard-hitting, 5-minute video about the lies and libels targeting Israel.
"Peace is more than the absence of war. And there can not be real peace, for as long as Israel is vilified".
(5) melanie judah, 15/3/2009
relief to hear some truth
i'm so sick of hearing about these tales of israelis wrong doings, we have been a country called israel for thousands of years and i'm proud of her. she's back in the hands of people who love her, keep telling the world how it really is and kick those crackpots off their band wagons. i was all for the respect party when it came about but after what i've heard galloway say i hope it's days are numbered.

(4) Feigele, 15/3/2009
You have to be Jewish to understand
Unfortunately, you have to be Jewish to really understand and care for what it is said about Israel. The others just don't care and would listen to just anything what is falsely said about Israel. In fact, they even wish Israel didn't exist and they blame Israel for all the fights and even the recession today. To them, it doesn't matter who wins. I sent an email to Rachel Maddow from NBC complaining about a story on NBC that I read online, which worded that Israel started the fights with the Palestinians in Gaza. I was appalled. I'm sure it was a wording mistake from their part since I think they support Israel. I have not heard back from her. It shows that you have to be very careful how you word your stories. Not only G-d gave the Arabs oil but also the skill to lie. Today Bin Laden calls it "Holocaust", does he know the meaning of the word? Someone should send him tapes of the real Holocaust.

(3) Anonymous, 15/3/2009
Important to forward the truth.
Israel has been villified with unfair lying propaganda constantly. It's time to stress the truth to counter. The shielding of terrorists using civilians and the storage of armament in schools, mosques, and civilian homes should have been included in the video to expose the terrorists who wear masks but no military markings too! Thank you.

(1) Moshe Rosen, 15/3/2009
The REAL disproportion
Since Palestinian advocates claim Israel acts "disproportionately", they don't understand REAL disproportion when they conflate to the MSM that there are more casualties than actually reported. Furthermore, it is disproportionate to call what Israel is doing to defend herself as "war crimes" and "genocide" considering that Hamas has an ongoing campaign of firing rockets into Israeli cities...Now, why is it that so few people realize that Hamas is the root of the (current) conflict in Israel and Gaza?

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