Friday, June 6, 2008

Muslim brotherhood expert: Muslim Brotherhood hopes Obama will help change their image

The Muslim Brotherhood was founded in Egypt in the 1920s with the aim of imposing fundamentalist Islamist Sharia government in Muslim countries, reestablishing the Caliphate and the Muslim empire and combatting the west. Intially it was a terrorist group. Following severe repression by the Egyptian government, the Muslim brotherhood splintered and mutated into several other groups, including Al-Qaeda. The Muslim Brotherhood group itself is split into a more moderate "new guard" and a more militant old guard. the "new guard, has apparently been holding talks with western leaders, and is hopeful that Barack Obama as US President will help them achieve their ends, according to an article at the official Web site of the Muslim Brotherhood, IkhwanWeb:  
Gina Abdou, an expert in Islamic movements, confirmed that there is a conflict between "the old guard" and "the new guard" inside the Muslim Brotherhood. She revealed that this "new guard" holds quasi periodical meetings with the US administration and many European governments and that Islamic movements in the world hope that Obama manages to win the White House race because they think that this may enable them to expand dialogue with his administration and change the dominant image that they are terrorist movements.
Ami Isseroff


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