Friday, June 20, 2008

Arab Lobby organizing PR efforts

A reminder of the powerful media presence of Arab and Muslim pressure groups and interests, the legitimacy of which is never questioned.
Common Arab media strategy planned
Saudi Gazette - 20 June, 2008

The Council of Arab Information Ministers called for the formation of a general commission for Arab Information, at a meeting here, Thursday, and discussed a common media strategy for the member countries.

Iyad Bin Ameen Madani, Saudi Minister of Culture and Information, said in a statement after the meeting, the council stressed on the need of giving media support for the Arab issues. The council also decided to follow up on the activities of Joint Arab Information abroad, and to set up a mechanism to activate the principles of organizing satellite transmission in the Arab region.

The satellite transmission organizing principles document was endorsed on the basis of the domestic legislations of each Arab country, the minister said.

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