Sunday, May 18, 2008

Saudi's attack "illegal" Iraq war

An editorial in the Saudi government's Arab News, a showpiece English language newspaper, has blasted the 'Illegal War' in Iraq, while Saudi Arabia continues to expect US backing against extremist regimes.  The Saudis have placed themselves as judges, interpreting the US constitution and international law, and as jury and prosecuting attorneys.
Quoth the editors:
Even if the US-led invasion had brought stability and reconstruction quickly to Iraq, the war would still have been illegal because Bush acted without the approval and backing of the international community and on the basis of deliberate lies. Now Washington is bogged down trying to clear up the bloody chaos that it itself created.
The Iraq war may have been a mistake, but there are few criteria for judging "legal" or "illegal" wars. Someone should tell these folks that every country is allowed to act in self defense according to the US charter, that the president of the United States is responsible for the defense of his (or her) country and that this responsibility does not depend on the United Nations. There is no provision in the UN charter for declaring a war to be illegal. The Iraq war could, theoretically, be declared an act of aggression, but it was not.
It would serve the Saudis right if the US withdrew from Iraq, and allowed Iran to take over the entire Gulf region.
Ami Isseroff 

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