Saturday, December 8, 2007

Iranian humor: Iran protests U.S. Spying

This really happened - Iran protested U.S. spying following the NIE report. At least someone over there has a sense of humor.
Iran protests US nuclear 'spying'   
Iran has sent a formal protest note to Washington for "spying" on Tehran's nuclear activities, in the wake of a US report on the alleged Iranian nuclear weapons programme.
The US report earlier this week concluded that Tehran halted the development of atomic weapons in 2003 and had not resumed it since.
Manouchehr Mottaki, Iran's foreign minister, said on Saturday that the report indicated US intelligence agencies based their findings on "satellite and espionage activities," according to Irna, the country's official news agency.
Irna said that the note was handed over to the Swiss Embassy in Tehran, which looks after US interests in Iran in the absence of diplomatic relations between Tehran and Washington.
Mottaki was quoted as saying: "The day the report was issued, the foreign ministry submitted a formal note of protest to the Swiss Embassy and demanded explanations over [US] espionage activities taking place."
Source of Israel News item

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