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The agony of Lebanon continues

Nobody seems to care or even remember that the leech of the Hezbollah has settled on the neck of the Lebanese and is gradually drawing out their blood. By this time, must of the Lebanese don't seem to care.

The Beirut Down Town Sit-in: Sacrifices, Dragons & Saint Georges
By: Elias Bejjani/ LCCC Chairman

December 10/07

"Now I beg you, brothers, look out for those who are causing the divisions and occasions of stumbling, contrary to the doctrine which you learned, and turn away from them. For those who are such don't serve our Lord, Jesus Christ, but their own belly; and by their smooth and flattering speech, they deceive the hearts of the innocent" (Saint Paul's Letter to the Romans:16/17 & 18)
Hundreds of opposition supporters rallied in downtown Beirut on Saturday December 01/07, to mark the first anniversary of the Hezbollah-led sit-in that has sent 2,700 people unemployed and forced closure of 75 restaurants and coffee shops. The protestors gathered in Riad Solh Square where the opposition, supported by Syria and Iran, has maintained a tent city outside the offices of Prime Minister Fouad Saniora. They vowed to maintain their tent city for years if need be to force the resignation of Saniora's majority government. The demonstrators waved Lebanese flags as well as the banners of Hezbollah, Amal, the Free Patriotic Movement of Gen. Michel Aoun and a number of pro-Syrian parties" .

The sit-in did not achieve anything, while its devastating damages are clear on all of Lebanon and its economy, and not only on Beirut. Ironically, the so called opposition has refused to budge, linking removal of the tents to Saniora's departure or the election of a consensus president.
The whole world ought to be fully aware that the so-tagged "Lebanese opposition", that is led by Hezbollah represent nothing that is Lebanese based on all world-wide norms and criteria. Hezbollah is an Iranian-Syrian army stationed in Lebanon, no more no less. The opposition coalition that revolves around Hezbollah has one and only one paramount objective and that is to topple by all means the Lebanese multicultural, parliamentary, democratic, peaceful, and free regime in a bid to erect in its place a religious state replicate of the Iranian Mulla's republic.
In this context it is worth mentioning that the festivities held in Beirut's downtown  under "The one year celebration of the opposition sit-in protest", tag was nothing but an overt declaration of an on-going nasty war against the Lebanese people and their country. The festivities were in fact a set of atheist rituals in which the Iranian-Syrian made leaders and politicians assumed the role of  HERETIC priests. These machineries, joined by other orphans of the Syrian regime and its leftovers, offered during the celebrations and with cold blood the Lebanese people as sacrifices to the Syrian/Iranian Dragon represented by Hezbollah.
The sit-in celebration was held a few hundred meters from the Beirut bay that was historically known as "Bay of Saint Georges". The well known Lebanese Myth states that a ferocious dragon blockaded the people of Beirut city and as the price of sparing them, he forced their king to present him daily children sacrifices. The short sighted King accepted the Dragon's condition under the false believe that he, his family and the royal community shall be safe. He started supplying the children of his community as sacrifices for the dragon till all his kingdom's children  had disappeared. Finally the king was forced to surrender his own daughter as the sacrificial lamb. the Myth goes on to say that Saint Georges saved the king's daughter and eliminated the Dragon who would have devoured all the city's citizens.
One wonders how similar are the current traumatic unfolding events in Lebanon that the axis of evil two countries (Syria and Iran) are instigating, to those that the country witnessed in numerous hardship past eras. Meanwhile how weak, confused and selfish are those Lebanese Leaders and politicians who venomously tailor their stances and platforms to suite their personal agendas and ambitions, and not those of the country and its people.
How evil are those leaders and politicians whose conduct is motivated by hatred, stupidity, grudges, inferiority complexes and lack of tolerance. How destructive and heinous to the country's stability, welfare, democracy and peace are those who abandon their humanity, and surrender submissively to instincts, delusions, greed, and egocentricity.
The Syrian army was forced by the Lebanese people and the international community to withdraw from Lebanon in 2005. But during its occupation era Syria, in full conspiracy with Iran, has erected an oppressive and criminal Lebanese kind of governance and formed the Hezbollah militia. Two years after their country's liberation the Lebanese people are still struggling to re-build a free and democratic Lebanon and to contain the threats of Hezbollah. The Lebanese current kind of governance that was masterminded by Syria and Iran is portrayed very well by this following biblical verse:

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