Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Egyptians remember the good old days

'Surge in Egyptian Nationalism'
Adel Darwish 15 Sept 2007

Egyptians at home and abroad are active in recovering their ancient identity as
means of fighting corruption and linking a glorious past with the furure to bury
an unhappy present.

Egyptians in London, and many cities from San Francisco to Sidney and from Oslo
to Dubai, celebrated Egyptian New year's eve on September 11.

The year 6248 ended, according to Egyptian calendar on 30th of Mesori, (Mesra
in modern Coptic) 7 September while year, 6249 started on September 12
Gregorian calendar, 1st of Thoth(Thout in Coptic). Equivalent of Hermes in
Greek mythology Thout is the Egyptian deity of knowledge, sciences, magic, and
arbitration and the means by which Ra's will was interpreted; it is ike the
Logos of Plato.

Five days Pi Kogi Enavot (Nassii in modern speak) are squeezed between Mesra
and Thout to complete the 365 days earth circling the sun. Inventing the solar
year around 5000 B.C. the Egyptians divided it into 12 months of 30 days each,
as accurate means of calculating hours of daylight and estimating the flow of
Nile water (Thout 1st is the beginning of the river annual flood) in order to determine best time for sowing.

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