Monday, November 12, 2007

Don't forget Lebanon

The Lebanese disaster is still waiting to happen, and nobody is doing anything about it.

The Rejectionist Front Catastrophic Victories
By: Charles Jalkh/Freedom Fighter
November 12/07

Since the birth of the State of Israel, the suicidal anti peace Arabo/Islamic ancient regimes persisted in promising their people "Great Victories", such as the famous "throwing the Jews in the sea", "Chasing the Colonialists out of the region", "Building the Emirate of the Fakih", and recently "Defeating the Zionist/American plan for the Middle East in Lebanon", only to lead their masses into the slaughterhouse of history in calamity after calamity.

A potentially apocalyptic fate awaits the Iranian and Syrian people which may last decades, unless they manage to topple their Islamo-Fascist Mafia rulers soon. For six decades , since 1948, unto Egypt's Nasser, from war criminal Hafez Assad to Saddam "Insane", from psycho Bashar to demon Nasrallah the Emir of Hezbollastan, the dinosaurs of the dark ages have shed rivers of blood while promising glorious victories in "mothers of all battles", only to crawl and hide in a hole underground after the first shot, yet burn their followers into the churning fires of history . The world has witnessed their crushing defeats time after time as hundreds of thousands got buried in unmarked graves.

This week, Hezbollah's leader; Hassan Nasrallah promised his followers ".. a Victory that will change the face of the region". Here goes a "Hitlar..iranian" shot across the bow of our Earth Civilization. At the Geopolitical level and on paper, the balance of power is massively tilted against the two nations of the Axis of Evil; Iran and Syria. For what good does it do you to own an atomic bomb, two, 5 or even 10 bombs, when you are facing Israel's 200 atomic bombs and the US arsenal of 6000 intercontinental ballistic nuclear missiles, not to mention the capabilities of NATO and the other civilized nations of the world. Iran's HitleriNijad even announced that "Israel must be wiped off the map", an echo of past catastrophes that befelled millions.

Yet, within the Lebanese theater, the military balance of power seems to favor Hezbollah. Yes, we will have our state, and they will have theirs. We will be the "official" state led by the March 14 Cedars Revolution, recognized by the world, and living in a smaller but Free Lebanon. But next to us, will stand a Turkish Cyprus-like state ruled with a totalitarian ideology with potential atomic weapons. So the danger will not go away and we will need real allies soon and on the ground. We do not need to look far, only South and further East into the New Arab Political Order for solid alliances. We have no choice but to become the best friends and allies of Israel - virtually immediately. We have already wasted 60 years in futile wars against a so-called enemy (Israel) that could have been our best friend.

The scenario of civil war with open supply routes is unwinnable. The reason the first Lebanese war stagnated inconclusively for 15 years was that the supply routes to all warring parties remained open. Once you cut the supplies lines, ammunition will eventually expire. The quickest way to defeat Hezbollah is to cut off its supply routes. Air and Sea routes are already controlled by the Lebanese State with the help of UN forces, but the land supply routes from Syria are still open. The only hope to defeat Hezbollah in a military battle is to first overthrow the Assad Regime, and usher a new humane UN-friendly Syrian government which will then collaborate in blockading Hezbollah in Lebanon. The road to the Hezbollah defeat passes thru Damascus. Otherwise, Hezbollah will be able to fight for decades with no winner in site, only death and destruction for the Lebanese and Syrian people would ensue.

It is time we lift our head from the muddy hole in the ground, and bask in the sunshine of the open blue skies of Liberty, peace, and humanistic possibilities. Breath the clean air of the new human age filled with fragrances of compassion and cultural flowerings. Take our honorable place in history. Celebrate life and Green Mother Earth. It is time we erect our long awaited Free Lebanon. A New Beginning for a multi-ethnic humanity living in Freedom, peace, and dignified society and state. A café for Christianity and Islam, a meeting ground, a model nation of tolerance, learning, understanding, wisdom, awakening, enlightenment, and higher human love.

So to all Lebanese at this dark hour we say; we your brethrens in the Cedars Revolution of the Diaspora, we are awake with you. We fight your fights, we celebrate your victories. We also make a promise to you! We shall not abandon you in your hour of need. We will defeat this Axis of Evil, and the light of your freedoms shall penetrate all the dark alleys of the Middle East!

Love, Free Lebanon

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