Thursday, October 18, 2007

Crying Foul?

People make many false assumptions - like the reason there is no peace
between Palestinians and Israelis is because of the settlements or because
Israel has more power or a myriad of other reasons. None of those reasons
are why Israel and the Palestinians are not at peace with each other.
Settlements were never a deterrent to peace. The crux of the problem is
Islamic and specifically anti-Jewish. When Jews were outnumbered, long
before there was a state of Israel, Arabs rioted and there were pogroms
against the Jews. It happened in 1914 when Jews were also expelled from
towns in Palestine by the Turks pre-WWI and in 1921 when the Arabs went on
a killing spree and again in 1929 and in 1932 and Jews were not a threat.
Jews were developing land and investing in the infrastructure and Arabs
were benefiting from these improvements.

When Jews feel the age old threat of antisemitism the Jews are accused of
crying wolf -- only it isn't because they don't see the wolf. The wolf has
been there before so Jews are well acquainted with antisemtism.

A Credible Left
Would be Opposing Antisemitism
NOT Excusing It!!

When leftist Counterpunch Mag
( says "join the ever
growing crowd" of those accused of antisemitism, it is akin to blaming the
Jews for being victimized - like it is their fault and they can't tell
when there is genuine antisemitism. Counterpunch Mag has joined the army
of antisemites. A credible left would be opposing antisemitism, not
excusing it.

When the philosopher Honderich complains that he has been accused of
antisemitism for supporting Palestinian terrorism in his new book and his
publisher pulls the book he feels he has been wronged by the Jews because
how could he be antisemitic when his wife is Jewish? Well to philosopher
Honderich, I say: "There are Jewish antisemites too and when you advocate
killing Jews by supporting Palestinian terrorism you epitomize the worst
of antisemitism" - Killing Jews is certain antisemitic.


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