Friday, September 28, 2007

Middle East losing war for talent

Middle East losing war for talent - an unsurprising headline, but a surprisingly  contradictory story about Middle East countries attracting talent. Compare:
Saudi Arabia and Egypt rank in the bottom five of the Global Talent Index, a new 30-country survey, worse still, their position in the table is forecast to remain static over the next five years, the research found.
It found that the situation in the Middle East is slowly improving. Egypt and Saudi Arabia will both move up one place over the next five years in the overall rankings; Egypt will overtake Brazil and Turkey.

Saudi Arabia will rank ninth in 2012 for the quality of its universities and business schools. The Kingdom's relatively high disposable incomes are also a plus, and will help its score for attractiveness to talent rise from 23rd place to 20th over the next five years.

Egypt is seeing improved FDI and will move from 11th to seventh position based on this specific rating between 2007 and 2012.
If these two countries are both in the bottom five places, how could Saudi Arabia be in the 23rd place??? Is it getting better or not? What is "FDI"??
Ami Isseroff

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