Friday, July 27, 2007

* Murder and Rape of Iraq's Christians Now the Norm *


     * Murder and Rape of Iraq's
       Christians Now the Norm *

Koran-inspired attacks on infidels are the reason that
minorities are fleeing every Muslim-majority area of
the world, with only one exception--Israeli Jews.
Despite this, Western governments and even Christian
groups themselves are largely silent:

Iraq's outnumbered Christians and other religious
minority groups are targets of a terror campaign and
are facing a dire situation where killings and rapes
have become the norm, a panel of witnesses testified
yesterday on Capitol Hill.

In a hearing convened by the U.S. Commission on
International Religious Freedom, Canon Andrew White,
vicar of St. George's Anglican Church in Baghdad, and
four other panelists unfolded tales of horrors
overtaking Christians, Yezidis (angel worshippers) and
Mandaeans, members of a pacifist faith that follows the
teachings of John the Baptist.

"The situation is more than desperate," said Mr. White,
who described how Christians in Baghdad have been told
to convert to Islam or be killed. Hundreds of those who
could not afford to flee the country are living in
churches without adequate food or water, he said.

"In the past month, 36 members of my own congregation
have been kidnapped," he said. "To date, only one has
been returned."

Michael Youash, director of the Iraq Sustainable
Democracy Project, called the situation "soft ethnic
cleansing." The "de-Christianization of Iraq" is not
far off, he predicted, saying that Washington has
refused to help Iraqi Christians, whose common faith
with many Americans has made them loathed by Muslim

"The State Department just dismisses this as part of an
overall conflict," he said. "But Christians are being
disproportionately targeted. The attacks are purely
vindictive and vicious. They are meant to give a

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