Thursday, May 24, 2007

Iran Defying UN, evading IAEA

The important and worrisome news of the IAEA report is not the assessment that Iran could build an A-bomb in three to eight years, since we already knew that. The Washington Post however, tells us more in their report,
The IAEA report said that Iran has significantly accelerated its enrichment capability and has not provided a range of verification information to the agency. The IAEA's "level of knowledge of certain aspects of Iran's nuclear-related activities has deteriorated," the four-page document said. The report described the last 60 days of activity since an assessment in March led to the adoption of a U.N. Security Council sanctions resolution against Iran. That resolution stepped up the sanctions initially authorized in December.
What we don't know, is more important than what we know. We know that according to the IAEA, Iran could produce a bom in three to eight years. We can't possibly know that they are not in fact weaponizing their fissionable materials, since they are not providing the information. The information they are not providing is not about prices of rice in Qom, is it? If they are not providing information, then they have something to hide, and anyone can figure out what it is.
Ami Isseroff  

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